Allied Press Versus Axis Press

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Allied Press Versus Axis Press

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Newsflash July 1944 - An assassination attempt on Hitler!!

The Argus (Melbourne newspaper) Fri 28 July 1944 ... =v2%20bomb

Story of Plot Against Hitler
LONDON, Thursday

Twenty-four hours after his appointment as Germany's new total war boss, Goebbels last night went to the microphone to give the official. Nazi account of the plot against Hitler.
He declared that Count von Stauffenberg took the bomb to Hitler's headquarters in an attache case which he pushed in front of the Fuhrer's feet.
Goebbels incorporated in his statement a threat, obviously aimed at Junker generals, that any who opposed the nazification of the army
would be wiped out.
He also declared that a new secret weapon presumably the V2 rocket bomb would soon be put into use.
Goebbels spoke for three-quarters of an hour. He revealed that he had just returned from a visit to Hitler's headquarters, where the attempt on the Fuhrer's life took place. "If the Fuhrer's escape was not a miracle, then there are no miracles," he declared. "The assassin gained access to the operations room, where the Fuhrer was holding a conference, under the pretext that he had to make a report.
"He carried the explosive in an attache case and placed it under the desk in front of the Fuhrer. Colonel-General Kerton, Chief of Staff to the Luftwaffe, who was standing behind the Fuhrer, was mortally wounded. Everyone else present was blown out of the windows.Their uniforms were torn to shreds.
"Only one spot in the room remained untouched. This was the very spot on which the Fuhrer stood. The desk was thrown across the room, but the Fuhrer remained unharmed apart from slight concussion and a few burns and scratches.

"At 4pm that day the clique of traitors thought the way was clear for them. The assassin Stauffenberg had arrived in Berlin by courier plane, bringing the false report that the Fuhrer had been killed. Under
the pretext that they wanted support for their political leadership [...]
Clearly some very crude propaganda.
The point I want to focus on here is about how the allied press has dealt with this story. And note that while this is printed in a peripheral newspaper (Melbourne, Australia) this would have been an international dispatch and run by papers all over the world with small variations.

First of all, anyone, even people that have not caught on to press lies to any significant degree can gather that Goebbels is selling a porky. So the question is, if the press were to any degree critical of the "enemy", like they are supposed to be, why haven't they completely ridiculed this fantastic, and I may say, rather unimaginative, account? Why have they instead actually reinforced enemy propaganda?

We can dismiss the idea that the allied press were naive about such things - indeed, they were frequently identifying Goebbels as a propaganda chief and as one who lies for a living. And here they are, broadcasting his lies for the public they are supposed to be serving.

This example emphasises the idea that nominally "enemy" media actually reinforces, rather than actually scrutinises any other media. The allied and axis media actually worked together to keep their respective audiences under the spell, and if any German were to read up an allied paper, they wouldn't find anything revelatory, they would find merely a different flavour of spin with the biggest lies of the axis regurgitated and therefore supported. This is just as the RT and PressTV media entities reinforce the NBC and Fox entities of today.

The 2009 Hollywood movie "Valkyrie" was fairly loyal to the above account, (only Tom Cruise's Stauffenberg is painted in a more heroic light). ... itler-plot
To think that Hollywood would support Nazi propaganda.... :rolleyes: