Updates & comments about the movie that exposed the 9/11 scam
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Okay, well this took me 22 years.

I have been convinced for 5 years the WW2 narrative is inaccurate after visiting the extermination camps, 2 years nukes are hoax after visiting Chernobyl and Hiroshima, 1 year doubting the sincerity of the Cold War, but I never accepted 9/11 as a hoax.

I just saw the movie, great work, thanks.

I can now accept it as a hoax.

Which is very, very strange, as for 20 years I heard many people talking about the 9/11 hoax. I even watched movie material and just thought: "This is bullshit, how can people believe in it?"

That's weird isn't it?

And maybe it's not, when I looked at the conspiracy theory videos years ago, I saw stories on nuclear bombs in the building (which I consider fake), Alex Jones was reporting on it so I considered it a fake hoax for that reason, all the people talking about UFOs, flat earth, the NWO and space lasers talk about 9/11. That it is caused by the military/industrial complex with jumping Jews. Outlandish theories.

For this reason I thought of it as a fake hoax. They did their job well.

Looking at the movie it becomes clear. These were likely just bombs. Accompanied with a narrative. And some (mnediocre) CGI.

I saw this video last week.

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyKuX1H_lHE
A similar size Israeli plane diving in a building in Amsterdam in 1992.

I was wondering that's quite a difference in damage.

9/11 was just another unifying spectacle we need every few years to maintain the global order:

- As we all cheered for the astronauts on the moon
- As we all fear the nuclear bomb
- As we all fear the pandemic
- As we all fear for rising sea levels
- As we all fear the extreme weather events
- As we all cheer for peace and democracy
- As we all hate Putin (and the Russians hate us)
- As we all hate Iran and North Korea

We all had to fear Terrorism.

It was just one of the spectacles they treat us with every few years. Accompanied with death and destruction. Weapons of mass destruction and an evil Islam terrorist with a beard in a cave.

When you see it, you can't unsee it.

It's funny when you all peel it down, it is quite a small group of people maybe a 100? that need to be in the know.
The list of live callers, the small amount of videos (like 30 in total with some later made)

Maybe it was also because I watched it live on CNN. I'm European, and we were all calling each other, check the TV, the timing were awesome. Hyperreal.

2001 was the year we all had a mobile phone, but we didn't have cameras yet in our phones.

I was watching TV and a newsflash was there with 1 minute of the first explosion in Tower 1. I directly moved to CNN, if I remember well, they had live coverage, I was thrilled! I felt I was there at that moment. And then I saw the 2nd plane LIVE driving into tower 2. I felt special. I was there. A historic moment. A moon landing moment.

And I wouldn't be surprised that they knew within 15 minutes of the explosion in tower 1, 500 million people would be sitting behind their TVs. Ready for the 2nd round of explosions. And those who didn't know, knew it 99% sure by then. At 9:30 AM ET 2 billion people would be behind their TVs, ready for the final scene. The collapse!

It's weird when I think of it, I get the same feelings back, like a little boy having dear memories of Santa Claus.

I must say they created quite a spectacle.

I'm getting now in the phase that it all starts to make sense again.

We are ruled by an international elite, and unifying a global population can only happen when they share the same beliefs, like little kids we are kept in a narrative with a false counter narrative available from the beginning.

We remember the Jewish Holocaust every day, we all agree Hitler was real bad, Bin Laden was an evil terrorist killing 1000s of people in the heart of our society, we fear nuclear war, and Putin is so bad, and we would never want to live in oppressive regimes as Iran or North Korea, women can't even drive! Or show their hair, we should be grateful how good life is here, it's so great gay people can just love each other now, and that we are making steps in eliminating racism and hate crimes in our society, but let's hope the sea doesn't rise too fast, let's drive electric cars and eat less meat to stop climate change and stop the wildfires and hailstones and the sea rising, we don't all like Andy Warhol, but it's art for sure! Let's sing together, don't you all like Taylor Swift? Aren't we all Swifties? Isn't it great all of us can now go to a university and study and get a better life than our parents and grandparents, not break our back, but do something that really challenges us, sitting behind a desk making a "career", not being forced to start a family, but just enjoying life, travel, and study, and drink, who are you voting Democrat or Republican? I really hope this party makes a change.

There is a pain in accepting that most of my thoughts and feelings were actually engineered, it feels I wasted many years of my life chasing all these ideas.

It's abuse.

That's it.

And I notice that now, when I hear family and friends tell me about the latest TV spectacle. I can just say, don't worry, it isn't real, and they have no clue what I'm talking about.

Anyhow well done.
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