On this forum we will break down the psychological processes in play for both the Deceivers and their victims. It’s time to shine a spotlight on the madness of the minds behind the deceptions that have been (and will continue to be) roundly exposed on Cluesforum.
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Gaslighting is the attempt to superimpose a fictitious reality on a person or a group of people.
This tactic is a go-to maneuver deployed by narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths.
This is a critically important to understand.

To be continued . . . .
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Re: Gaslighting

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Yes, thank you for drawing attention to this particular subject. It’s key to go ahead and make the distinction between manipulation and Gaslighting.

Gaslighting is an extreme form of manipulation. But, manipulation is not necessarily Gaslighting.

Manipulation seeks to alter a person’s behavior. Gaslighting goes much further in that it seeks to actually alter the person (or people) that it is targeted against.

The backdrop required for a person to engage in Gaslighting is some underlying belief or notion of fundamental ownership of another. This is why the Gaslighter doesn’t see anything wrong with his behavior.

When society at large is viewed in such a manner (by an oligarchy of sorts), one may understand how mass media has been used to engage in “social engineering.”

The term “Gaslighting” came about after a 1944 movie called “Gaslight.”