The Seth Rich Story

This is the forum dedicated to all 'minor' local psyops - phony murders, kidnappings and whatnot. It has now become evident that the news media constantly feeds the public with entirely fake stories - in order to keep us in eternal fear of our next-door neighbours and fellow citizens.
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Re: The Seth Rich Story

Unread post by kickstones » Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:03 pm

It has taken a while but a video has finally surfaced of Seth Rich alive at a 2015 conference around a year before he was killed.

full link:

Is it the same man(right image is a still from the above youtube video)?

He looks similar, but for me his ears look different.


And I wonder how difficult it would be to supplement a different head onto another body, because while no expert on these matters this fotoforensics analysis below, of the Youtube still, appears very irregular, with the ear highlighted in white and an even vertical outline at each side of the head as opposed to a stepped outline of the body.


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Re: The Seth Rich Story

Unread post by CluedIn » Sat Jun 10, 2017 3:21 pm

I have 5 comments about this video with Seth in it.

1) It looks like he is doing the (what used to be the OK sign) 666 sign that Trump is so fond of by the way he is holding the microphone.

2) He appears in 11 frames of the video.

3) Ken Fleming has only posted this one video and did it 2 days ago.

4) What is the source of this video?

5) Very empty room - easily controlled environment.

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