MORANDI BRIDGE - Genova, August 14, 2018

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MORANDI BRIDGE - Genova, August 14, 2018

Unread postby simonshack on Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:44 am




On August 14, 2018 the Morandi bridge in Genoa (Italy) was brought down, ostensibly (and in all probability) with conventional dynamite cutter charges - by a professional firm specialized in so-called "controlled" demolitions. This is currently the biggest news story in Italy - bar none. However, as can be readily discerned (by any of this forum's seasoned media analysts), the news media were - once again - instructed to sell this staged 'disaster' to the public as a shocking national tragedy which, so far, is said to have claimed 39 lives - or more.

The official cause of the Morandi bridge collapse

Officially, the cause of the collapse is a mystery. As the (news media) story goes, as the bridge collapsed at 11:36, "eyewitnesses reported that the bridge was hit by lightning before it collapsed". The Italian vice-minister for infrastructures Edoardo Rixi was quoted as saying, scoffingly, that "such a bridge does not collapse due to a lightning strike, nor due to a thunderstorm - he specified - the culprits will have to be found." {“Un ponte del genere non crolla né per un fulmine, né per un temporale – ha specificato – vanno trovati i colpevoli“}.

The "damning video evidence"

A short, very low-quality video clip showing - from afar - what looks like a faint flash as the bridge collapses, can be viewed here:

Of course, if that video is legit, it would certainly go to support the notion that the bridge was brought down with conventional dynamite charges. Here's what it looks like when they demolish bridges in such manner :

full link:


The officially-reported death tolls of the "tragic event"

On wikipedia, we can now read :
"On 14 August 2018, the bridge partially collapsed, killing at least 39 people, with dozens missing."

So, if dozens of victims are still missing - the death toll appears to be provisional at the time of this writing. One can only wonder how and why "dozens of victims" are still missing - and who could possibly claim to possess such (however vague) information - if those "dozens of missing people" are all buried under piles of rubble. To be sure, no buildings are said to have been crushed as the bridge collapsed. The only mention of apartment buildings and evacuated residents (in the media reports) is the following:

"Genova, collapse of the Morandi bridge: 440 evacuees, 11 apartment buildings evacuated"
{"Genova, crollo del ponte Morandi: 440 sfollati, 11 palazzi evacuati"}

As usual (an obvious 'hallmark' of such staged tragedies), the media reports offered - virtually 'by the hour' - a constant stream of wildly fluctuating / conflicting reports as to the number of "confirmed dead victims". In the early hours, the newspaper headlines reported "At the moment 11 dead, among them also a child" :


Within hours of the "11 dead" reports, Edoardo Rixi (the previously-mentioned vice-minister for infrastructures) was then quoted as stating that "the dead are not eleven anymore, but there are at least 22 certified victims."
{“I morti non sono più undici, ma sono almeno 22 le vittime accertate”. Lo dice il viceministro alle infrastrutture e ai trasporti, Edoardo Rixi."} ... a/4558555/

As you look at the above image, you may (rightly) ask yourself: "are there any reports about people dying on Via della Pietra, as the bridge crashed down on that road ?"

The answer to that question is no. The thing is, Via della Pietra (as mentioned in the below newspaper article dated February 7, 2018) had been closed for traffic already back in February. The stated motive for the closure of Via della Pietra was that "strong winds were causing a security risk for the scaffolding of the Ponte Morandi bridge which was undergoing maintenance work"...

Here's the news item - which I found almost by chance - reporting the alleged "maintenance work" in February (presumably when the demolition charges were placed?) being performed at the doomed Morandi bridge :

source: ... 188269227/

By now, we are all accustomed here at Cluesforum to the modus operandi for bringing down large, old & decrepit infrastructures (while cashing in Big Money on it - in various ways). For those readers who may not be familiar with this M.O. (repeatedly enacted, year after year, in front of everyone's noses) - here's essentially how it goes :

1 - Secure the area well in advance of D-Day (Demolition Day) by staging "maintenance work" or "Security drills" (as was done on 9/11 in Manhattan - and for all other similar staged events).

2. Schedule D-Day at a date/time/period of the year which will ensure that the least possible number of people / potential eyewitnesses will be around in the immediate aftermath of the demolition. In this case (the Ponte Morandi demolition), August 14 was chosen - i.e. the day before Ferragosto, the famous Italian "national summer holiday" in which practically ALL Italians relax on the beach, NO one works, and all big cities (such as Genoa) are left eerily lifeless and deserted.

3. Lastly - and most importantly - instruct the news media to report the event as a horrible disaster involving a number of innocent victims. In such way, any investigator questioning (in any way or form) the truthfulness of the event (as reported in the news media) can be easily dismissed as a "rude and disrespectful troublemaker who ought to mourn the dead instead of spreading wild conspiracy theories".

******* Edit / update :
The total death toll has now been lowered to "38" - down from "39":

"La conta delle vittime identificate comunicate dalle Prefettura è scesa da 39 a 38."
source: ... 1.17153553

.. and the number of evacuees (i.e. people evacuated from their homes) has now reached "632".
"Il numero degli sfollati è arrivato a 632." ... IOVEDI.xml

In other (numero-"logical") words :
- Total number of evacuated buildings: 11
- Total number of evacuees: 632 (6+3+2) = "11"
- Total number of deaths: 38 (3+8) = "11"
- Exact time of collapse: 11:36 or, if you will, "11:9"
"According to the Corriere della Sera, this was the 11th bridge collapse in Italy since 2013."



A clearly photoshopped image of a car which was supposedly crushed by the bridge collapse...

The silly story of the "miracle survivor" - a truck driver who "saw another car plunge down to its death" : ... mily-dead/
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Re: MORANDI BRIDGE - Genova, August 14, 2018

Unread postby nonhocapito on Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:44 am

Thank you for starting this thread, Simon. I think your final run down of how these psyops work is priceless. There's never enough of this. We should never assume people "know by now". The force of propaganda is relentless and we all need reminding.

I immediately thought this could have been a faked event when I saw this video:

full link:

Every long standing researcher on this forum will immediately recognize the similarity with the 9/11 videos, where all we are served are the "Oh my god" (Oh mio Dio, like in this video) screams of the bystanders.
It seems the person taking the video was really quick in pulling their phone out in time to film the end of the fall. Yet doing so in the worst video quality possible, for some reason.

I've also seen interviews with pensioners and housewives who inhabit those building under the bridge... to be honest they didn't look like crisis actors. However, they didn't have much to say either. It seems possible that from the angle under the bridge, where those condominiums are, with the pylons themselves blocking the view, the witnesses were not really in the position to understand much of what was happening.

As far as traffic on the bridge is concerned, I like it how on both sides there seems to be a truck really close to the edge, and then a significant gap before the other cars. This is how you would do it if you wanted to make sure no cars accidentally drove off the edge. Place a really big visible obstacle right in front of it.

from ... ti-feriti/

The truck is mentioned in this video story: ... P2-S3.3-T1
Apparently the engine and the windshield vipers are still running. Very dramatic. The story states that "from the helicopter the police can see that the tank is still 3/4 full". HOW? I don't think thermal cameras can show this? And anyway, why would that be, in their words, particularly risky? Has any vehicle of this sort ever caught fire just by having its engine running?

Facebook pictures of the alleged victims, collected as usual by journalists without any discernible ethics or investigative method, can be seen here: ... time-foto/

I like how this guy, a certain "Francesco Bello" (Frank Handsome), is wearing a picture of the Brooklyn bridge on his shirt, seeing that the Morandi bridge was called "the Brooklyn bridge of Genova".
If this is a hoax, I'd bet "Francesco Bello" is actually one of the hoaxers, scribbling his retarded signature on the event with this picture.

One thing is for sure, this will be a big money maker for the companies contracted to clean the rubble and dismantle the remaining parts of the bridge.
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Re: MORANDI BRIDGE - Genova, August 14, 2018

Unread postby nonhocapito on Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:25 am

As I search for news mentioning "Morandi" before the fall of the bridge (and I find a lot of fluff about the renown old Italian singer Gianni Morandi), I bump into this little nugget, from the local news of Agrigento, in Sicily:
2018-08-16 14_15_31-Work - Camion contromano sul viadotto Morandi, s'è rischiata una tragedia.png
From ... -2018.html
The story being that a trucker drove against the direction of the cars on an equally named "Morandi" bridge, in Agrigento (Sicily), only two days earlier, "almost causing a tragedy". Visible in the shoulder column on the right, an article stating that a Sicilian from Agrigento was among the victims of the Genova Morandi bridge fall.
In the same article we are told that the two bridges share the same name because they were designed and built by the same architect, Riccardo Morandi, in the same years.
The connections between these two bridges do not end here.

According to this article, Agrigento's Morandi bridge was also meant to be dismantled: ... a-facendo/
To be precise, a request for its dismantling had been rejected.
Yet now, after the Genova disaster, it has, for some reason, been closed: ... to_900649/
I am maybe going out on a limb purporting that it seems like an excellent score for any mafia-run company which should magically win the contract to participate in the dismantling and reconstruction offirst one then the other of these two 1960's concrete monsters.

I then encounter another similar coincidence, from only a week earlier:
2018-08-16 14_28_27-Work - Cinquantenne si getta dal ponte Morandi -
From ... andi.html#
A 50 year old having jumped from an equally named "Morandi bridge" in the province of Catanzaro (Calabria).
According to Wikpedia, this should be called "Ponte Bisantis", but also "Ponte Morandi", having been yet again designed by the same architect (from Catanzaro).

Is there one article for each Mafia town that has taken part in the hoax, I wonder? :o
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Re: MORANDI BRIDGE - Genova, August 14, 2018

Unread postby Serik on Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:45 pm


So convenient that the vehicles just happened to line up so they match the colour of the italian flag and it just happened on a big national holiday.
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Re: MORANDI BRIDGE - Genova, August 14, 2018

Unread postby MrSinclair on Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:38 am

As an aside this event brings to mind an excellent Italian film called Hands Over the City from 1963 starring Rod Steiger. It involves a building collapse, mafia contractors and corrupt politicians. ... mg_act_103
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Re: MORANDI BRIDGE - Genova, August 14, 2018

Unread postby simonshack on Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:10 pm


THE MOVIEGOERS (and "miracle-survivors")

"It felt like being in a movie, absolutely" ("...sembrava di stare in un film, assolutamente"):
(Quote by miracle-survivor Davide Capello, a firefighter and amateur soccer player/goalkeeper who apparently walked of out of his car virtually unscathed after crashing down with the bridge...)

"And it seemed like a science fiction movie - and I can't even imagine how all this could have happened."
(Quote by other [Russian] miracle-survivor whose car reportedly crashed down with the bridge with his fiancée...)
This other [Romanian] truck driver, Luciano, also miraculously survived crashing down the bridge in his truck - escaping ("flying out of [i.e. being ejected from] his cabin") with quite minor injuries. Here he is being interviewed only moments after the event :

"Just like in a movie, that's how we experienced it" ("...come in un film, l'abbiamo vissuto così..")
(Quote by purported firsthand eyewitness of the collapse interviewed on the street)

"I saw everything, like a movie that I was watching" ("Ho visto tutto, come un film che sto guardando"):
(Quote by Idris, a [Moroccan] truck driver who didn't crash down with the bridge but describes what he saw like "a movie he was watching").

On June 5, 2018 the Pixar/Walt Disney movie "Incredibles 2" premiered in Los Angeles (i.e. only 70 days prior to the Morandi bridge collapse). According to Wikipedia, it is the fourth highest-grossing film of 2018. Someone has noticed the below scene in the movie which depicts a highway bridge being destroyed - and showing a truck (with some green color) at the very edge of the crumbling bridge:


The iconic image of the Morandi bridge collapse:
Oh well, just another serendipitious movie-coincidence, I suppose? After all, they happen all the time - don't they?

So how many people were found in the rubble of the Morandi bridge, you may ask?

Well, here's from the mouth of Bruno Frattasi, the Chief of the Firefighter Department - being interviewed at the State funeral event for the "Morandi bridge victims":

"Purtroppo lo stato delle cose, è molto triste dirlo, è che noi abbiamo trovato dei resti più che dei cadaveri, quindi bisognerà identificarli e vedere dove sono le altri parti sparse perché una ricomposizione vera e propria non sarà possibile".

Here's my best translation of Bruno Frattasi's words - with a few comments of mine [in brackets] so as to clarify the full meaning of the same :

"Unfortunately as things stand [at this time], it is very sad to say, we have only found [human] remains rather than [entire] corpses, therefore we will now need to identify them [the human remains] and find out where the other scattered parts are [sic!!!], because a true and proper recomposition [i.e. "reassembly" of the corpses] will not be possible."

full link:

Hmm. So I guess that, when highway bridges collapse with vehicles transiting upon them, some people are lucky to escape virtually unscathed - while others get squashed /mangled into tiny, unidentifiable fragments of organic human tissue? Oh my... WHO writes this stuff?
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