Murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve, UK, 26/12/2011

This is the forum dedicated to all 'minor' local psyops - phony murders, kidnappings and whatnot. It has now become evident that the news media constantly feeds the public with entirely fake stories - in order to keep us in eternal fear of our next-door neighbours and fellow citizens.
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Re: Murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve, UK, 26/12/2011

Unread post by Euphoria » Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:13 pm

London, March 21st

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes ... te-student

A preliminary hearing - which is the norm in this country prior to a trial - was adjourned to May 21 by the Manchester Crown Court in the prosecution of the alleged killer of an Indian post-graduate student, Anuj Bidve, on Boxing Day last year.

The accused Kieran Stapleton, 20, who had earlier identified himself as "Psycho" Stapleton, appeared before the judge from prison via videolink on Tuesday.

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Re: Murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve, UK, 26/12/2011

Unread post by Euphoria » Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:59 pm

As you may have noticed, the Anuj Bidve PSYOP trial is now back on in Manchester, at the Crown Court. And I must say, it is all very cringeworthy. Completely over-the-top characterisations, as with the Anders Breivik/Utoya PSYOP.

Here is a link to some of the latest rubbish: ... -shooting/

A gunman joked that police would not find him at a hotel near to where he shot dead a stranger the day before.

Kiaran Stapleton, 21, killed Indian student Anuj Bidve, 23, with a single shot to the head in Ordsall, Salford, in the early hours of Boxing Day last year and then ran off to his nearby family home.

The next morning he checked into a hotel within close vicinity of the crime scene, a jury at Manchester Crown Court heard.

Mr Bidve and eight fellow students at Lancaster University had travelled to Manchester for Christmas and were en route to queue for the morning sales when the complete stranger approached them.

He asked them the time and then without warning gunned down Mr Bidve in Ordsall Lane.

Stapleton, of Regent Square, Ordsall, admits manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denies murder.

The court was told Stapleton checked into the Campanile Hotel in Regent Road on the afternoon of December 27.

A lengthy exchange of BlackBerry messages followed between the defendant and his friend, Ryan Holden - now a prosecution witness - who was with him on the night of the shooting.

They discussed a number of people being arrested and speculated whether they would be next.

In one exchange, Holden wrote to him: "You are off it. They won't find you there innit."

Stapleton replies: "I hope they don't lol.

"I wish I had more money to base myself there two days or summat."

Stapleton left the hotel at various points to buy beer and vodka and then four of his associates - two men and their girlfriends - later visited his room in the evening.

Later, Stapleton messages Holden: "Just on my way back and three armed jeeps at Sainsbos."

"They see you?" asks Holden.

"I was on my bike, man," he says.

During their contact, Holden told the defendant he thought police were outside his house and said he would delete his number shortly before going to sleep.

At about 1.35am the next day Holden was arrested by armed police at his address in Salford.

CCTV cameras at the hotel captured Stapleton coming down for breakfast and reading a newspaper.

He was seen looking out of the hotel windows on several occasions.

Stapleton then took a number of photographs of himself on his mobile phone, the jury was told.

One showed him wearing just a bathrobe sitting on his hotel bed and smiling.

He left the hotel at lunchtime and took another picture of himself in Manchester city centre.

Stapleton returned soon after and was seen watching the hotel television in the bar area.

He checked out at about 1.45pm and was picked up in a white vehicle and driven off.

The dialogue sounds like something a middle-aged PSYOP team would put together, to reflect how the youth of today communicate!

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Craig Hodgkinson, manager of Campanile Hotel in Regent Road

Unread post by Euphoria » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:34 pm

I just phoned the Campanile Hotel on Regent Road, where allegedly, CCTV was captured of the 'Psycho' Stapleton character.

The receptionist told me that the general manager is Craig Hodgkinson.

Campanile is part of the Louvre Hôtels group.

This would appear to be the LinkedIn profile, of the Craig Hodgkinson who manages the hotel in Manchester. But it appears he is usually based in Sheffield.

And this is his Facebook profile, it seems:

Interesting that his interests include both Act One Theatre School - Oldham AND Campanile Bradford.

Lots of friends from Manchester and Salford on there. So perhaps he commutes from Sheffield? Or he could be in charge temporarily in Manchester?

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