Engineering disease

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by HonestlyNow » Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:28 pm

ICfreely » December 30th, 2018, 2:48 am wrote: 1) You forgot the liver, spleen and pancreas.
These organs are not doorways for wastes to leave the body.
2) Acidosis would be the effect, not the cause.
Acidosis is the effect of lifestyle choices.
3) Even if you were to raise your pH level (which would be a good idea) you’d still have to address the cause of the acidosis.
The cause of acidosis is lifestyle choices.
4) If you raise your pH level too high, then you will experience alkalosis (which is as harmful as acidosis).
Name one documented case where there is a person or has been a person who has or had lymph that is too alkaline.
5) Even if you ate “all the right things” you wouldn’t necessarily be in the clear.
Acidosis is a result of lifestyle choices. Here's a list of twelve essential needs, keeping in mind, how one goes about satisfying any of these needs then becomes a lifestyle choice or factor: Air; Water; Food; Sunshine; Exercise; Sleep; Thoughts; Feelings; Community/Spirituality; Free of things (problems) outside of control; Procreation; Environment. (With thanks to John Rose YouTube channel)
6) Fear, stress, anxiety and depression can and do cause organ failure.
Any one factor does not act in isolation. We want to take the system as a whole to get an understanding. While mental/emotional states are factors, one must pay attention to what role the other factors play in the creation of emotional states, and organ failure.
7) You’d have to consider why the kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas aren’t functioning properly.
Consider that it's a backed-up lymph system with kidneys that don't effectively filter wastes out of the body. The lymph surrounds every single cell in the body, including those cells that are in the organs.
ICfreely » December 30th, 2018, 3:32 am wrote:1- I haven't the slightest clue what percentage of the population is afflicted with acidosis.
To a more-or-less degree, "ninety-eight percent plus" would be a very good guess, when speaking of Western-type cultures.
2- Focusing solely on acidosis and lymph fluid is akin to being on a sinking boat and doing nothing but removing excess water with a bucket. You’d be better served patching the hole and removing the excess water in the boat. I’m running out of analogies here.

A good study and understanding of the lymphatic system's role in the body's functioning would have you thinking otherwise.
3- . . . Two people can eat exactly the same things and have different pH levels.
Each person cannot be directly compared to another person. Each person had come from a mother with different genetic weaknesses and condition of lymphatic system at birth (one inherits their mother's lymphatic system); each has been raised in different environments from any other person, including each own's mental/emotional environment; each has had their own version of diet, and other lifestyle factors, to come into play up to that point. That's just the starting point to now — so you cannot directly compare two people on this matter.
3- We are not machines.
Certainly, we are not machines "Made by Man" . . . Conceptually speaking, our body is essentially a machine made by the Creator of this Reality that we are witnessing and observing and within which we all play roles. The Creator of this Reality certainly has its Rules, else this whole discussion would be for naught.

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by HonestlyNow » Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:35 pm

To ICfreely: . . . pH, acidosis, on the subject of . . .
"Methinks" that you are still stuck on the idea of blood pH, which is well talked about, and not lymph pH, which subject is pretty much ignored. What say you?

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by ICfreely » Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:03 pm

Methinks I'm wasting my time here. I'll leave it to you and patrix to go on debating acid vs. fungus as the root cause of "cancer" ad infinitum.


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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by HonestlyNow » Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:38 pm

ICfreely » December 30th, 2018, 2:03 pm wrote:Methinks I'm wasting my time here. I'll leave it to you and patrix to go on debating acid vs. fungus as the root cause of "cancer" ad infinitum.
I was looking at clarification as to where you are coming from. Sorry to see you leave the conversation. I've no interest in continuing with patrix.


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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by simonshack » Sun Dec 30, 2018 8:09 pm


This thread, methinks, needs to be locked for a while.

It's not like Cluesforum is a health/diet forum although, over the years, many readers have messaged me saying they've felt a healthy sense of relief as they overcame the mental stress caused by the many psychological operations played upon us by the so-called Powers That Be (a.k.a. "The Nutwork" - as I like to call "them"). This, of course, in the context of media hoaxes and such like - which of course have been - and will remain - the central focus of this forum. You may argue that "Engineering Disease" is every bit as important as any other mainstream-media-diffused deceptions - and I will agree with that. This is why I'm only locking this thread temporarily - but right now it seems to be spinning round in endless circles.

As much as I have personally appreciated learning many things from this thread (and am thankful to all its participants / contributors) I just don't think these are the sort of issues that our particular readership is most interested in. I may be wrong - but hey, I'm a living and fallible human being!

Happy New Year to all. And whatever you do, stay healthy. :)

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by simonshack » Sat Aug 14, 2021 2:37 pm

OOPS! :mellow:

I just wish to announce that I've unlocked this topic today - and to sincerely apologize for the horrible delay in doing so! (it really had slipped out of my mind - and I only realized today that it was still locked). The reason why I locked this fine, information-packed thread back in December 2018 was only due to some unfortunate bickering that had started between a few members at the time.

Today, of course, the whole "Engineering disease" issue has grown to a top priority-subject in our lives - and Cluesforum would be sorely remiss not to keep tackling it! Fortunately, we have had several other threads where we've been covering many aspects of the current 'pandemic' insanity and its deceptive roots, such as:



and of course...


Let us try and keep this present thread (ENGINEERING DISEASE) focused on the wider / general (i.e. not only vaccine-related) aspects of the dreadful 'science' behind allopathic drugs and chemical medicine in all of its forms. Humanity at large truly needs to start questioning the entire body of modern, 'mainstream healthcare' - even though it has done some impressive progress in certain areas (e.g. surgery, transplants and prostethics).

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by Flabbergasted » Thu Sep 09, 2021 8:57 pm

This is a (not very recent) list of 35 FDA-approved prescription drugs that were pulled from the market since the 1970s due to serious side effects and deaths. ... he-market/

It must be quite something to work for the FDA, the WHO, the CDC and other such bodies of unelected administrators of global health. You can screw up real bad, or even outright harm populations, without ever being held accountable. In the worst hypothesis, you get shuffled around within the system along with a neat raise.

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by sharpstuff » Sun Sep 19, 2021 6:33 am


What is behind the current (2021) ‘virus’ scare? Whether it be depopulation, total control of people the best way and which vast numbers of people willingly comply with in their ignorance (not always their fault) is not through ‘nuclear’ wars, which cannot exist, (therefore of no use except for scare tactics) but is through the notion of ‘diseases’.
These are apparently brought about by invisible enemies that can and are manipulated at will by the perpetrators of the crime for which they are created. For, indeed, every aspects of ‘diseases’, can be manipulated at the will of the perpetrators upon unsuspecting believers. So, we need a pandemic for maximum effect.

So far as we have invisible enemies, we can have various stages of how they may be transmitted from one person to another at the will of the creators.

We must first have the notion that any particular ‘disease’ (or as I prefer ‘dis-ease’) we then manufacture notions of transmission. We ‘catch’ a ‘cold’, for example. This is a first stage. From whence this ‘cold’ came from originally, we don’t know but insist that there must be something in the atmosphere which ‘causes’ the ‘cold’. We say that this ‘cold’ is ‘infectious’ because apparently a lot of people ‘catch colds’. A ‘contagious’ disease is spread through contact with an already ‘sick’ person, apparently.

We now also have created the words like ‘epidemic’ and ‘pandemic’. The difference is the spread of the ‘disease’ and the numbers of people involved. So to create a really major scare, which obviously involves a lot of people, we need to create a pandemic. All of this is of course, is constructed in the workshops of diseased minds and not caused by any ‘germ’, virus’ or ‘bacteria’ but which we can carefully construct so that they are not the same for future use (this we call mutation).

How do we accomplish this?

1, Firstly, we need to invent (in ignorance of how Nature actually works and something we can never fathom in toto) such ‘diseases’.

2. Invent an ‘agent’ which can apparently, be transmitted from one person to another (say it is transmittable from one person to another).

3. Then we decide on its size. It needs to be very, very small. A ‘germ’, or better still, a ‘virus’ which can only be ‘seen’ through a special instrument (e.g. an ‘electron’ microscope about which we know little as mere mortals, (even if such a thing is ‘real’ in itself)) by those able to operate such a device, the which of can be made into both a ‘real’ entity with specific properties which must all be addressed. This entity is created by smashing some perfectly once useful organic material studying it (?) and then claiming it is part of the whole (as a separate object) which reproduces itself and can make people sick. This is analogous to baking a cake, then crushing it to bits and then claiming that one of the bits is from which the cake was originally created with different ingredients, which reproduces itself and infects people to make them hungry or just as my liver might take sudden leave from my body and slap someone in the face!

4. We also need to invent the behaviour of this entity which will take on the characteristics we require.

5. We must now name this entity to give it particular remarkable properties with fancy chemical names no-one can understand outside of the inventors. We might even give them a numerological appellation to foster comments; anything to keep the ‘virus’ on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

6. We can now invent the ‘symptoms’ of the ‘disease’ which will be specific to that ‘virus’, (especially those that are common symptoms of poorly managed health) and are legion.

7. Given the inventions of D.N.A. and R.N.A. (the supposed product of Nature that determines all our characteristics) we will inculcate this notion into our complete (?) theory of germs and viruses the notion of constant change (mutation) so that the theory can be manipulated further at will and any ‘treatments for their eradication’ constantly being changed and added to.
Now some way or other, plants and creatures reproduce according to their variety of transmission of, let us say, parts of themselves to create another plant or creature. How a single ‘germ’, ‘virus’ or ‘bacteria’ can accomplish this cannot be, in my view, reproduction. You will say: asexual reproduction. I will say: this is merely the splitting of a single ‘cell’, shall we say into two equal parts the same as the parent. However, how do we know this? Can we see this actually taking place with a ‘virus’? We can take any part of the original from its home, process it by looking under a microscope (for example) out of context of the whole and make suppositions based on theories but can say nothing about how it ‘works’ in the real world.

8. Our next step is to create a word picture of this offending entity so that it can be ‘seen’ as real. Once this is done we can advertise its presence, claiming:
-This ‘virus’ causes a specific ‘disease’.
-These are the symptoms.
-Here is a pretty coloured picture of a monochromic ‘virus’.
-We are working tirelessly for a ‘cure’.

All this, claiming a reality but of course, less than that.

9. Before embarking on our ship onto a sea of ignorant and unprepared public, we must ensure that we have most, if not all, our cargo of patent medicines, literature, news bulletins, television and radio, other mass media, ‘famous’ people to paddle the hoax, scam (or whatever) ready to go. We will need all the writers and printers, the manufacturers of plastic boxes and ‘test’ materials, chemists any anyone and everything else ready long before we promote our crime. This all needs to be planned well ahead of the launch of our Good Ship Pillupop.

10. Whilst all this is going on, we must also decide the ‘treatment’ for the ‘disease’.
Having made the decision that our virus is (of course) dangerous and may/will KILL you, we must, knowing the ignorance of our audience, and with a little knowledge of the fact that vast numbers of people are unhealthy (for whatever reason) due to whatever life-style they follow, can easily gather common ailments due to this and make a meal of them.
We need to go the ‘whole hog’ on this. This is serious business for us (with the emphasis on ‘business’, political and/or financial).
Having already suffered the inventions of ‘germ’ theory and later ‘virus’ theories for over a century and garnered the mass belief in such, this is not going to be difficult (especially with the backing of armed forces, threats, coercion, scare-mongering, beliefs that others must know more than you do, God moves in mysterious ways etc.) and, of course, our being in bed with the mass media will be paramount in the picture we present.

At the same time also, we need to be seriously aware of great numbers of people will question our ('inventive narratives') findings, and we must follow the pattern of having to create epithets such as (in the field of vaccination), ‘anti-vaxers’, the list goes on and on to denigrate the thinkers.

We must also be aware that a continuation of our narrative and subsequent actions of the population (comply or not comply) we need to distract the population with other ‘serious’ issues, like fake terrorism, politically correct television and radio programmes, a ‘famous’ celebrity ‘death’ and much more… Our major weapon upon our craft (pun intended) will be ‘vaccination’. This is essential to drive fear before truth, death before glory. Vast chemistry sets are already available as it is their purpose to produce injectable liquids without obvious poisonous ingredients that would kill or maim instantly. We can inflict these onto innocent (other) animals, it doesn’t matter which, since the public have no real knowledge of this. Those whom we call monkeys or apes are fair game, since we all know that human animals ‘come from’ apes (thanks to Darwin) so they must be like us (or us, them) in some way.
All this must be achieved before we launch.

11. Our next step is to advertise our pandemic upon major ‘news’ outlets with regards to its dangers claiming an army of nameless, faceless, ignorant-of-Nature ‘scientists’ and ‘experts’ (most with no knowledge however how the Universe really works (unknowable, in my view). We must boost this impossible ‘organism’ to levels of contagion and call it a ‘pandemic’ because the ‘academics’ say so. It is our ‘plandemic’ with systematic panic and medic accompaniment.

As Huxley (Brave New World) teaches us, it is self-indulgence that is already going to liberate the Earth from its human inhabitants but we can give them a helping hand with plenty of old ‘diseases’ and can create new ones at will. (Italics mine).

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Re: Engineering disease

Unread post by patrix » Sun Sep 19, 2021 8:04 am

Indeed Sharpstuff. It's been a tough pill to swallow (another idiom ingrained in our society to promote fake medicine) that not some but almost all of our modern medicine is bunk. And thank you for helping me with that. We've argued in the past and much of what I claimed I take back.

Bacteria and so-called viruses (which is just cell debris) has never been the cause of any disease but a consequence.

I would recommend this recent video by Stefan Lanka's Immanuel project where he explains how contagion has been used historically for warfare and depopulation. ... pathogens/

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