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Request for information thread

Unread post by Exorcist » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:17 pm

I'm starting this thread for researchers who are having difficulty in finding sources of relevant information for their research. They can then post a request on this thread and, hopefully, other members with the appropriate knowledge can provide helpful links.

I'm doing some analyses in Autocad relevant to Simonshack's Rehashing the Verrazzano bridge Thread.

My info requests:
1) Could simon edit his post to include a link to his History Channel "bridge pan" clip in his Rehashing the Verrazzano bridge Thread.

2) At the moment I'm putting together a map in Acad using "screengrab tiles" from Google Maps.
The disadvantage of these Google tiles is that they show the buildings as "squashed isometrics".
I'm looking for accurate downloadable images of scale drawings showing the footprints of the towers in the foreground of the ABC tv on 911 image here: ... 8#p2388865

BTW I'm now pretty sure I can prove the live footage of the bridge pan is faked and I'm fairly certain how it was done. Bear with me as it's still work in progress.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Request for information thread

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:10 am

It's an alright idea, I suppose, but we really expect most to do their own research. Sorry if that is a difficult answer. But you are kind of turning the point of the forum on its head and demonstrating yourself as reliant on others to bring you information you want. The point isn't to bombard the forum with information requests but make sure everyone is contributing unique, cogent, personally researched information that anyone can verify as much as you can. Not private information stores that can't be proven. I am not saying that's what you are requesting. We are all pretty much on the same Internet, here, so what you can't find others probably can't find either. If you are really trying to learn to research, that is.

As of yet, there are many people bringing tons of new information to the sorting table for us to play around with and sift through as a forum, even private searches that turned up something unique. Don't just sit there and ask people to pile it in front of you particularly for your project, if you can help it. Have Simon and I done that, very much? Make information requests of others? I hope not! I don't like to think so. Maybe sarcastically. We try to collect, process and present information, then cite the sources. We expect others to do the same, and for people to have a passion for sharing the truth. Particularly maybe buried or unexplored aspects of it.

Though, still, I like the principle of the idea of just shouting in the room, "Hey — anyone have this?!"

Maybe some people are better 'fetchers' than they are 'researchers'. Why not ask? Maybe, also try an actual academic network or something, like a library? A university? Just watch out for those sell-out professors!

Maybe this thread can serve more as a "I can't find this in the forum or Internet" complaint thread. And if you are lucky someone legitimate will pop up and make a suggestion. Otherwise, well, you are on your own. Try to see it as a way of improving and honing your ability to give to humanity rather than just make demands of it.

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