A 911 number that isn't a psyop

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A 911 number that isn't a psyop

Unread post by fbenario » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:37 pm

Currently with 914, we just went past cluesforum topic number 911. I can't figure out which new topic it was.

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Re: A 911 number that isn't a psyop

Unread post by nonhocapito » Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:42 am

The total number of topics reported in home page does not account for all the topics that have been deleted or merged with others.

This thread here, for example is the topic 1408 (a much higher number that the total of topics as I write), as it can be seen by the part of the web address after "t=" (t stands for "topic").

A direct link to topic 911 does not return any result, probably because that particular thread has been deleted a long ago. :P

So there is no easy way to satisfy your curiosity, fb. A direct look at the database could help, but I find out just now that the database interface is not accessible... hopefully temporarily. <_<


Judging by the title you gave to this thread fbenario, I thought I was going to read about uses of the number "911" that do not smell of psyop. That could be interesting too. :D

For example, one could suggest that the Porsche 911 was so named back in 1959 for pure coincidence. Wickedpedia seems certainly to suggest so.

From http://www.worldoffemale.com/the-story- ... rsche-911/

And I am ready to believe it. But I would not mind to read some research about it, because I suspect that even this innocuous case could eventually be considered suspicious, maybe for links to masonic or similar affiliations of those that so named that car... Or also because people in showbiz (like Jerry Seinfeld) like it so much...
Same goes for the emergency number...

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