The flashing of UEFA the logo. Mind Control?

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Re: The flashing of UEFA the logo. Mind Control?

Unread post by Terence.drew » Sat Jul 07, 2012 5:56 pm

whatsgoingon wrote:Well I was pointing out that of all the possible numbers to use in the separator symbols in the UPC code, they chose "6". Don't care whether it means anything or not. It is a simple choice that was made. But I doubt the man associated with the code created it by himself. Nothing occurs in a vacuum.

Natural world (plants and flowers) symmetry cannot be used to disprove the idea that human creations are bent toward specific numbers. The Pentagon does not contain DNA and reproduces on its own. The Pentagon was produced by a designer. The WTC as well. Major streets in cities are laid out by designers. It is not organic growth completely free of top-down decision making. But who would really knows the inside story on the choices made on each design? However, buildings, which were pre-decided for destruction or attack, are designed specifically. How can we be on this forum and not suspect that these elements are designed by those with such pre-knowledge?

In any case, organic capitalist growth and the free market are illusions we are not supposed to wonder about in the West.

In the East, all these decisions are obviously top-down.

The East / West comparison is there to be used in political discourse to show that in the West we have freedom and so on.

I dont want to spend too much time on this though and whether symbols, architecture, city plans are top-down and the little engineers, architects and artists are cogs working for the boss. You may think at the smaller level that these things in a minor logo design are not there, which may be true. But major logos, big buildings, government structures, street addresses of those, are all kind of hard to imagine as being freely produced without top-down influence.

Symbols are used all the time throughout human history especially in the arts.

We should agree on that last point and move on.
These are excellent points whatsgoingon. It leads to the question of the over, or the under estimation of the abilities of the small group who have it seems, successfully cast their spell over the majority for several thousand years.
Some people simply dismiss the idea of the spell; by this I mean in the modern sense subliminal and other technological means , or in the traditional sense, dark esoteric means, which are employed against the masses with the singular aim of mass submission.

We can only make sense of the present by looking to the past. Why are there strange and reoccurring symbols literally everywhere? In the layouts of major cities, on the notes in our pockets. Why are we not told of these and of their meaning and significance? Do these symbols affect our thinking, willing or feeling?
Why do the majority go around as if they are in a trance? Why do the majority allow a minority to formulate their thoughts? What, if any, is the influence of subliminal messages, and of symbols and other things with hidden meanings which are flashed up without our knowing, but which do however enter our consciousness?
If we think that symbols and subliminals are being used against us, are we then over estimating the abilities of the elite who control the message? If we think there is none or little usage of such things are we then under estimating these people? If I want total control over my enemy would I not attack him on every level possible?
Again this brings up other issues. Nowadays, many people think (i.e. are being told again and again) that we humans are simply a collection of atoms. Add the ingredients and cook for 9 months. I would love to know what other members here think on these matters.

Getting back to 666. It is my understanding of the book of revelations that the numeric base which is used is 7 and not 10.
Just as 9, 99 or 999 would represent in base 10 a moment before completion or wholeness, so too 666 ( and not 699) represents the nearest point to completion in a base 7 system. This is the 'end times'. The moment of greatest peril. ... n-kjv.html

COunt the number of times '7' comes up. I lost count at over 60.

There are 22 parts to 'revelations.'


This is a food company based in Ireland which sells it's produce in petrol stations and universities. The under or the over estimation.

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Re: The flashing of UEFA the logo. Mind Control?

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