False Flag Terror in Berlin on April 22nd 2012

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False Flag Terror in Berlin on April 22nd 2012

Unread post by WTF » Sat Apr 07, 2012 4:44 am

The Movie "Unknown Identity" (2011) takes place in Berlin and carries possible hidden messages like we saw before 9/11!
Bild Hosted bei Bilderload.net

This Taxi p.e. which is shown also in the Trailer is of course not a standard German Taxi. The logo was created especially for the movie. The german way to write the date 22nd of April is 22/4 in contradiction to the english style which is 4/22! 224 422

It shows the highest building in Germany, the TV Tower in Berlin exploding in what seems like a nuclear detonation.
Bild Hosted bei Bilderload.net

The theory is that they will bring it down to crash into the Park Inn hotel ( tallest building seen on pic). There are plans for a destruction of the old hotel in one of the most exclusive places in Berlin.

Two towers would fall again 11 years after 9/11 and for various other reasons a huge incident in Germany is what the NWO and EU dictatorship needs for their agenda.

Decide for yourself.

Edit: The Bottom Area and the Lobby were under construction and closed for month until reopening in March.

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