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Re: Introducing the TYCHOS

Unread post by patrix » Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:31 am

Dear Cluesforumers,

Interesting discussion. I agree with Observer and PianoRacer that we should be suspicious about official data because “here be dragons”. Just as the imagery of 9/11 show problems with the official story, it may be fabricated data with the intention to send skeptics down the wrong alley.

But if we take a step back, I think we can agree that Simon in his book, a masterpiece supported by numerous independently verifiable data, shows that the Copernican model is geometrically impossible. And what any good scientist like Simon does when he finds a hypothesis/model to be false, is to set up a more likely one and test the evidence against that.

The Nutwork can only control so much of the people, communication and information. Every astronomer/historian can’t be “in on it” even though they are of course tightly groomed to never question the true faith – Copernicus.

The formulation of Simon's TYCHOS model is very sound. He shapes it by investigating historical astronomers works like Brahe and Samanta, and by looking at the latest data regarding binary stars. The proportions of Sirius, our closest star system that can be observed in detail, and or own Solar system are identical. And all observable systems appears to be binary with a similar configuration. This is an exceptionally strong case of deductive reasoning and a mountain of other observations support it. Forgive me for bringing it up, but this is similar to the Flat Earth vs Globe Earth. By investigating history (albeit with the suspicion it may be falsified) and by concluding that the Moon and planets are spheres. Deduction then gives us the hypothesis that Earth is also a sphere and rational observations and experiments support that hypothesis.

The Copernican model on the other hand, has no sound basis in its formulation other than the Sun being the biggest object in our system and that the so-called inner planets - Mercury and Venus, orbit around it. It did not make any sense in the first place and we have yet to find another system with a similar configuration. It can be regarded as a Flat Earth hoax that was successful. And forgive me for being cynical, but given time they may very well convince the world of the Flat Earth model as well unless the reasonable people of this world wake up. Simon has managed to awaken some of us now, but one man can only do so much.

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Re: Introducing the TYCHOS

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:18 pm

Furthermore, it's not true that stars just do a small circle.

The "tiny circles" described by the Copernican system could very well be because they "account" for trochoidal movement of stars (as we see with Vega and others tracked over several years) by "resetting" the loop-de-loops each year claiming they don't know why they have to do so.

The "tiny circles" the stars are doing each year, in the TYCHOS, are related to the loops done by our frame of reference during a person's yearly path on Earth's rotating surface as it moves along the PVP.

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Our Forum Is A Stand For World Peace

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:23 pm

Everyone who uses this forum must do so with honest respect for all people.

If you are not capable of considering sensitive ideas with respect for all, do not come here. If we discover any hate group, militia, or other group of morons attempts to appropriate our words in support of their call for exclusion, violence or war, or attempts to defame us, we will call them out. You will not be allowed to participate on the forum.

We reserve the right to re-declare our intentions to end racism, end war, end racist propaganda of all kinds and from all people at any time and for any reason.

As administrators and members we must all recognize a need to be responsible with the extremely sensitive topics that we are discussing. We also ask that the public does its part in reading the information with a high level of discernment and willingness and diffusing information in culturally appropriate ways and we are open to discussion about what that looks like around the world.

If you are reading and using CluesForum, you are being entrusted with the deep responsibility to be honest and use your best critical thinking skills combined with your own drive and your compassion for all people to get to the bottom of what is being discussed about anti-human propaganda. If you are discovered to be lacking in these areas we reserve the right to correct you or ban you.

Please do not assume good intentions on the part of anyone on this forum. We do not know who joins our forum and we do not ask for proof. Do not attempt to prove who you are as that may be construed as attempting to sway the opinions of the forum. Although the admins run this forum in good faith in humanity, we know that will be abused and used against us.*

By using this forum you agree that due to the incredibly sensitive nature of the topics you cannot take anything personally.

Play fair and enjoy the wealth of multicultural critique. Let's create world peace. It involves dialogue.

*We cannot control who lies about their intentions here until they are discovered. To anyone offended by our language on the forum, please do not assume ill will on our part as administrators. Always do your own research. You can follow anyone's posting history on the forum by clicking on their name. Please know that we are aware of shills trying to run "Discredit By Association" campaigns against us in order to smear our forum and make it look bad. There will be zero tolerance whatsoever for this. We are almost alone on this planet in coming together in our international ad hoc consortium of citizen analysts and if your job is to come on here, gain sympathy, and lie (as we have already seen numerous times) you may be called out and it may not be pretty.

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Re: Our Forum Is A Multicultural Stand Against Hate

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:29 pm

Anyhoo » July 21st, 2018, 6:50 pm wrote:To this I say: Is not hate the proper response when one discovers who is behind 9-11, which Simon Shack for some reason will never talk about? I give a big hats off to Simon for helping me see the hoax that 9-11 was,
Wow. There are so many things wrong with your post, I am surprised you are here. Zionists are different from Jews. Most people are lovely. But every society has its conservative psychos. Which are you?

Hate is not a proper response. As Simon has dedicated his research to truth and justice and peace, hate is the opposite response you should have. He is not shielding any one person. He is trying to help everyone gain control over their own lives from those in their community who have failed them. So naturally, if you have some inner hate or fear, it will increase your paranoia that everyone benefiting will result in your hated feared person benefiting too and, in your mind, "anyone that looks like or remotely benefits my enemy is my enemy". Well, that's exactly the path to world wars you fool!

Furthermore, it's really foolish to think one people alone advanced imperial evils on their own without the complete collaboration of all the nefarious power circles of the world. Psychopathy is the true enemy. Don't let it infect you.

Anyway, if you truly hate a single group of people, then you're not understanding the research at all. Everyone uses propaganda. What people do you come from that has been historically immune from weaving mythology about itself?

The goal humanity must have now is to understand and forgive the mythologies used to survive and move on to a place of truth.

But that's not going to happen if you rave about your innocence vs. that of your scapegoat. Even if it's a popular scapegoat.
but I condemn that he refuses to go further and identify the perpetrators and the reasons for the hoax, which involve a particular race of people.
So says you. So because people disagree with your particular bias and prejudice ... that means our motives must be bullshit. What if I called bullshit on you for pretending to be a racist to cause the forum to appear to be supportive of hate, violence and war?
It is not Hate to
blah blah blah. You say "I hate Jews" but "it's not really hate" in the same paragraph.

Duh. You are too stupid (Or is it self-loathing perhaps? Needing someone to blame?) to be responsible with this information. Ah, but perhaps I have "misunderstood" you because you "struggle" with language? Is that what you mean by this:
Take this any way you want.
That's very generous. So if I take it as you are asking to be asked about your community, your people, and your self and what you have personally done to discourage psychopathic behavior, I can take it that way? Great. Let us know!

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Re: Our Forum Is A Multicultural Stand Against Hate

Unread post by nonhocapito » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:48 pm

The second part of your post makes some sense. The first part though, I cannot make ends or tails of it. I probably have missed some big drama with someone hating the jews or praising white supremacy or something. But it sounds a lot like the thought police, very contemporary, creepy, threatening, self righteous to the appropriate degree.

"We reserve the right to re-declare our intentions to end racism, end war, end racist propaganda of all kinds and from all people at any time and for any reason."

Are races being discriminated against on this half-dead forum? To a degree that we need this call to ban "racism"?

Re-declare? When did we declare it first? What if ending racism was NOT someone's priority?

B-but political ideas are still allowed, right?
Above: a typical example of a self-defined partisan of multiculturalism.

So, when we witness the full force of the media, of academia, of political cabals and all social media acting as our thought-police while shoving multiculturalism down everyone's throat (and you seem to be on board with that) couldn't, wouldn't there be an urgent political reason to go against multiculturalism, among other things? Not in the sense of "there should be only one culture" (duh) but in the sense of protecting cultures from their visibly planned and accelerated dilution and annihilation, since everyone who is an adult and doesn't wear (((blinders))) has clearly seen by now that not everything is great about multiculturalism, and that everyone stands to lose a lot from it? Isn't it natural and understandable if people push against wide trends such as these, in order to instinctively balance things out? It's called "reaction" and it's a part of how things work...

B-but then, as I argue this, I can now be labeled a "racist" on the cluesforum? As not in line with this new disingenuous goal of promoting multiculturalism? Or is this just a fancy way to say that you don't like it, or find it offensive if someone disparages the jews [insert category you are sensitive about] on here?

Is Simon on board with this? Is this something you both agreed was a priority, of all things that this forum lacks, to point out right now?

What if instead we said something like this: this is a forum for adults. If you are offended by something, tough. Grow a pair and learn to live with it. Move the discussion ahead. Move the research forward. That's what matters.

The rest (bullying, ganging up on someone, being dishonest or deceitful etc), that's regular forum etiquette stuff, something that can and is regularly policed and doesn't require any extra virtuous meaning attached to it, which is just the twitter way to control the conversation. In fact, I can think of a million situations in which the most anti-racist and pro-multicultural person can be a nuisance to a forum, while a highly politically incorrect person may become the crucial contributor to a discussion.

Admin notice (Simon): dear Nonho, it was Hoi's initiative - the two of us had a discussion about it today and, thankfully, cleared it all up. :)
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Re: Our Forum Is A Multicultural Stand Against Hate

Unread post by Skinnylegsandall » Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:46 pm

That was perfectly stated Nonhocapito.

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Re: Our Forum Is A Multicultural Stand Against Hate

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:31 am

That's a good thought about multiculturalism and how it's misused against others. I agree with you. Perhaps that's the wrong word or theme.

It was definitely a personal matter that happened off the forum, in real life (that we don't need to get into) that made me scratch my head and wonder how our forum could be mistaken for something against world peace. I mean, what the bloody heck do people think we are calling out propaganda for? Well, it also made me think: am I bad for the TYCHOS? Is my attempt to help Simon's work actually hindering it?

Maybe you were right all along: we just need to get the TYCHOS off of this web site and in its own space. :mellow:

The age (in America) of hyper-political correctness is kind of annoying. But some aspect I like about it is that it asks people to be respectful of one another and to de-escalate conflict (when it's not going too far and asking people to censor information and just accept evils and accept invasion).

I wanted to post something about ourselves that may be truthful and exciting to people finding us for the first time through the TYCHOS. I wanted them to say to themselves, "Woah, not only is their model for the solar system better than expected, but their goals of peace and love are so impressive!"

Thanks for the brain check, nonhocapito. I guess it's just time to remain cool and confident, instead. People who understand what we are will need no reminder.

Speaking of maturity ... in real life, even adults hope that truth wins in the end.


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Fake stories = Pillars of modern society

Unread post by sykkelmannen » Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:30 pm

Hey there folks,
stumbled across the hoax writeup here on CF by Fakeologist ( ... edit#gid=4)

and these lines have been resonating with me the past week:
The perps like telling stories. It gives them Power to create... gods (Yahweh, Zeus, Baal etc.), heroes (Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus) a people (Hebrews, Christians, etc.) and historical events. And once the people stop believing in their fake stories, society gets destroyed and they start all over again.
I am not sure if he means fire and brimstone. I'd put it more mildly: society changes and hierarchy crumbles. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for the common man. It is very bad news however for the dupers that have been robbing him blind.

This really seems to be the glue that holds the hierarchy and society itself together. Ever since the first primitive society emerged, bullshit emerged with it. And when people stop believing in bullshit, who'll go to work? Or as Bill Hicks said: How are we gonna keep building nuclear* weapons? (*yeah I know)

I've been curious about your lifestyles, CF frequenters. I very much doubt there's a single person here who hate their job. Which is the point when one ceases to support society as defined above and starts to undermine it instead?
The question I've been pondering is: are we capable of developing technologically progressive anarchy? Or does it always mean back to caves eventually? I like the comfort, but the caves make a lot of sense... :D


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Re: Fake stories = Pillars of modern society

Unread post by antipodean » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:59 am

I believe the above stories are told/ handed down through generations. They could be loosely based on actual facts or transposed to serve an agenda of control.
Over at Fakeologist someone is doubting the existence of the the Greek Empire and the mythology that comes with it. I don't think it really matters, the stories all seem to have some sort of fable behind them. If I refer to someone's Achilles Heel, it is regarded as their weak point.
In the same way that Solomon = Wisdom, Moses = leadership etc.

Is Society better off without these possibly fake stories (fables) because they can't be proven to be true ? I don't think so.
It would almost be Orwellian, if it was forbidden to refer to these stories and characters when explaining something in a conversation.

A subject such as Greek Mythology can become quite complex and intellectual, considering all the vast amount of history and inter relating historical aspects and characters there is to learn and know about it all. Which in turn can lead to a form of elitism speaking in tongues.

One of my favorite movies is Rumble Fish. In this scene below (from the 2 minute mark) the young hood feels belittled because he doesn't know who Cassandra was. ... -mythology
When I first watched the movie I never knew who she was. The movie became even more enjoyable in future viewings when I did know.

full link:

Here's an example of an ancient story or fable becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

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Re: Fake stories = Pillars of modern society

Unread post by aa5 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:33 am

I think probably the show will go on regardless of what people believe.. but the names and faces of who holds the power may change. For example in the Catholic Western areas the church used to hold major power, but then in many of those places a sort of secular socialism took over(that sounded a lot like a an atheistic version of the church with the government as God). Today the Church seems to have little political power, although they do still have some financial and other power, such as over people who are still attending church.

Yet, the society didn't fall apart, interestingly people just transferred their beliefs to new priests... eg.. 'the government', and 'the scientists'. Edit to add.. the former priest could also take off his robes, and don a lab coat, or a business suit, and not a lot has changed.

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Re: Fake stories = Pillars of modern society

Unread post by Mansur » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:22 pm

sykkelmannen » September 22nd, 2018, 9:30 pm wrote: ( ... edit#gid=4)

... I very much doubt there's a single person here who hate their job. Which is the point when one ceases to support society as defined above and starts to undermine it instead?
The question I've been pondering is: are we capable of developing technologically progressive anarchy? Or does it always mean back to caves eventually? I like the comfort, but the caves make a lot of sense...
[The link does not work to me.]

Apart from that the „caveman” is no more than a theory (or rather an allegory, or a story if you like), the alternative offered above is a very morbid one. (It is not easy to imagine that such a fantastic logical jump can genuinely occur in a living brain.) (There’s even self-contradiction or inconsequence in it because the title says “modern society” while it was evidently meant to suggest “society at all times”.)

Would leaving the technological gadgets (and the sciences appertaining to it) mean to “go back” to the cave or even “on the tree”? And: we already live in a “technologically progressive anarchy”, why to want developing another?
… society changes and hierarchy crumbles. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for the common man. It is very bad news however for the dupers that have been robbing him blind.
Quite the contrary: the constant and never-ending changes (“progress”) in the structure of society and no hierarchy at all to support it are conditions which favor the “dupers” most. (“Change” may be the keyword: if you cease poisoning the waters they will be clear almost instantly, -- i.e. the technical playthings may find their legitimate applications.)

To project modern (media) world centuries and even millennia back in history is more than sickening. It is propaganda (e.g. the “jesus-did-never-existed” idiocy strongly pushed recently again this time). It seems “they” don’t need anymore to falsify history; a few catchwords widely spread are enough…

Newspeak, O good old days!

Nevertheless, the somewhat touchy and compromising question is I think valid, something like: what gives one the authority to criticize society -- living in the very midst of it, in more sense than one?

antipodean » September 23rd, 2018, 8:59 am wrote:Here's an example of an ancient story or fable becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.
And do we believe in “self-fulfilling prophecies”? -- If there is anything like prophecy, if the word has a meaning at all worthy of its kind, it refers or should refer to something above life, above our ordinary life in space and time, i.e. to the “present”…

I think, Simon (in that post) should have taken at least a third version or option.

In 1946 -- we are already in the (middle) age of hoaxes, and everything he says should have indicated him not to believe anything in the story, -- especially in a story of one of the top Nazi propagandists. What he has thought by “'Nazi hanging show'“ seems not to be really a show.

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Unread post by TripleSpeak » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:32 pm

I hope it is OK to post old news - but I only recently found out about the enormous Tianjin explosions. If you discount nukes (which one should) then the biggest explosions I've ever seen recorded are these. Have you seen any that are bigger?

Is there more evidence out there that isn't obvious? Seems there is a pretty tight lid on it in China... But based on how much ammonium nitrate was housed there, the size of the explosion does not seem to match up with other recorded explosions of known size. This is an example:

At the very least we know the Chinese government is lying about the death toll.

It is interesting to note that for the last few years, the media has been telling us that our cell phones have the ability to measure gamma radiation: ... cell-phone ... 9b464d68aa

Several websites have claimed these "washed out" or "white" or "scintillating" pixels are evidence of the filmed explosions are outputting some gamma radiation. ... was-nuked/
Many apply the same claims to bombs dropped on Yemen and Syria:


EDIT: One accompanying question for this thread I would like to be: what are the largest bombs that exist today? The one in that video from Yemen seems fairly massive, for example.
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Re: Einstein and other gods of science

Unread post by TripleSpeak » Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:45 pm

Einstein seems to be a genius with a very high *verbal* IQ... And not necessarily a very high spacial IQ. I also had the feeling studying his work that I was being fooled or that deliberately tricky language was being used. In the same way you can take a passage from a Chomsky speech that is lauded as genius, write it down, study it for a day - and never extract any greater meaning that the impression that was already self-evidently impressed upon its audience! My username is TripleSpeak because I think people have underestimated the power of doublespeak.

It would be nice to look for early evidence leaked by scientists involved in rocketry & satellite engineering who did not yet within establishment control. I think it could help connect the dots in the same way as looking back at early measurements of the "CMB," which actually matched the predictions of "overturned" cosmologies closed than the Big Bang.

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by TripleSpeak » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:47 pm

SacredCowSlayer » September 28th, 2018, 3:34 pm wrote:
Flabbergasted » September 27th, 2018, 11:03 pm wrote:
TripleSpeak » September 27th, 2018, 5:02 pm wrote:... I have lived in over two dozen countries around the world ... I've worked in several areas of biology and computer science / engineering...
Hi TripleSpeak,
If it´s not outside the bounds of privacy, I would like to know:
- In what capacity did you reside in those 24+ countries?
- What sort of work have you done as a biologist and computer scientist/engineer?
Observer » September 28th, 2018, 1:26 am wrote:
TripleSpeak wrote:...after having seen through many big pieces of propaganda, I've become attracted to your forum.
If you have truly become attracted to this forum, you would have actually read the threads.
If you had read the threads, you would realize there is no more Earth-shape debate needed.
If you had read the threads, you would realize all rockets fly into the ocean, not into space.

And if you are desperately grasping at the fantasy of rockets in space, please don't post yet.
And if you "have seen through many big pieces of propaganda", then please boldly list a few.

In another thread you seem to be admitting the fact that Nuclear Bombs do not exist, great.
But perhaps that is just to gain enough trust, to waste our time with space satellite debates.

How about first (& this should be a forum rule) before typing on various subjects, admit 9/11.
Admit the "official evidence of 3,000 9/11 victims" is forged images thus nobody died on 9/11.

If you cannot admit in your next post that nobody died on 9/11, then you should not post here.
And even if you admit that point - if you can't realize space evidence is forged, you're retarded.

So please admit nobody died on 9/11, nobody has played on the moon, nobody has orbited Earth.

If you are a shill - tell your boss the infiltration doesn't work without admitting those 3 facts first.
And if you're an honest person still holding too many official beliefs, please read CluesForum more.

People find this site and excitedly post... but people need to read CluesForum more before posting.
Dear TripleSpeak,

Since it is you who brought up the points that Flabbergasted is inquiring about, I do think they warrant a response. I hope you can see how it would place our members at a disadvantage if claims of vaguely referenced experience and expertise are made, but simultaneously cannot be challenged or examined because of privacy concerns.

Moreover, I would appreciate it if you would tell us why you chose to use the moniker “TripleSpeak.”

Finally, my suggestion would be to spend more time reading through a given topic before diving straight in. I recognize the temptation to see a topic and simply chime in with the first thought that crosses your mind.

Please keep in mind that there are often dozens of pages that have been carefully developed by our members over a long period of time, and it is a disservice to everyone (including yourself) to neglect reading through the topic before posting.

This forum does not by any stretch pretend to require perfection of any sort. For there would be no posting here if that was the case. But we do expect our members to be considerate of its decorum, and the methodical manner in which the topics are approached and discussed.

I do appreciate you taking a moment to place your handshake introduction here per my request.

And Dear Observer,

I understand that your patience appears to be at an end. That happens for each of us from time to time, and I’m no exception. But, we have had more than one or two members who started out enthusiastically posting (albeit with varying degrees of clumsiness), and subsequently took a break to actually read the material and get better aquatinted with the forum before continuing to post. Some of the most valuable members here would be gone if they hadn’t been given a fair chance in their early days.

So I would encourage you to ask questions of new members (including TripleSpeak), but please tone down the unnecessarily harsh and accusatory language. Your passion is clear enough.

But like I told TripleSpeak, the decorum here matters. Accordingly, I don’t see any legitimate basis for calling another member “retarded,” even though qualified with the word “if.” I know you can do better than that.

Rest assured I’m not trying to be the “language police,” but I do care about how the forum comes across to readers who are fortunate enough to stumble across it. I hope I don’t have to follow this up with an explanation for why such a slur is inappropriate.

Too much quality work has been done and accumulated over the years to allow it to become overshadowed by the appearance of shouting down, cringe-worthy name calling, or (perhaps) premature accusations of “shill.”

Let’s allow TripleSpeak to respond to the relatively simple questions posed by Flabbergasted and yours truly. I hope you can appreciate the delicate (and indeed difficult) balance that we try to maintain on this forum.


SCS :)
I should have replied here first before the other threads that I posted in... I hope that I will still be allowed to ask questions in this forum. The reason is because I have lots of questions that I see not being discussed that I would like to use your clear brain power to help with... For example, that Tianjin post I just made - it seems way too prolific of an explosion for the tiny amount of media coverage it got. So like many of you, I feel that the more lies I know about, the better I can defend myself in this vast world of delusions.

"TripleSpeak" came to be recently when realizing I had underestimated "doublespeak." I realized this by watching Chomsky and realizing how good he is at speaking. I had studied Chomsky grammars when I got my degree, but never examined his politics until recently. When going through his well-received speeches - some of them even using the term double-speak - I realized an even higher skill of confusion and manipulation that I do not think has been given any serious analysis in the mainstream. I view Chomsky as an example of an extremely intelligent enemy - and I figured that naming ourselves after the offenses of the enemies of this world would be germane on this refuge of a forum.

I am happy to reply to all of the questions raised - and don't let me off of the hook if I miss any. I will take the following to be questions and reply below:

"If you had read the threads, you would realize there is no more Earth-shape debate needed."
I saw significant flat earth support in threads on this forum - maybe I missed some official posts deeming them incorrect. I view the huge rise in flat earth support as a psyop. Am I mistaken in viewing the Tycho model as globular? I had figured that approximating the shape of the earth was as easy as: 1) knowing the approximate speed of airplane 2) riding in some 3) calculating the time it takes from NYC -> London & then, for example, from Cape Town -> Rio (if the latter ride is nearly the same as the prior, then globularity must be true), right?

"If you had read the threads, you would realize all rockets fly into the ocean, not into space."

Yes, I believe that for *most* launch scams this would be true. However, the recent SpaceX "reusable-able" rockets seem to be 100% CGI.

"And if you "have seen through many big pieces of propaganda", then please boldly list a few."

I would prefer to keep the biological ones out of my introductory post since this forum doesn't seem very focus on those - and I don't want to weaken them. Most mainstream health knowledge is nearly opposite of the truth - and things like vaccines are always damaging to the body. Basically every terminal illness is reversible or curable.

"In another thread you seem to be admitting the fact that Nuclear Bombs do not exist, great. But perhaps that is just to gain enough trust, to waste our time with space satellite debates."

I do not believe that partial adherence to the consensus in this forum is enough to trick people that have figured out any of these things from scratch. My interest in this forum is partially to be to able to relate with others that can do so - because I had to do so before much of this information was readily available. I certainly see where you're coming from - a place like this must be difficult to administrate in today's environment. I'm happy to help make a multiple choice test - with several versions - on the first principles one must understand to get to the bottom of these things. It could be used as a sign-up barrier. For example a question would be, "When dropped, objects on earth travel through: a) path of least resistance b) path of most resistance c) there are some exceptions when fires are present." I guess that one is too easy... Just an idea :)

I don't see why the "nobody died on 9/11" needs to be so absolute. Do you really believe your enemies are so nice? Certainly there were a few people killed... If not only to shut them up, or take part in some of the plan that was not automatic. Guarding the bases of the tower so no one could be underneath? On the day of 9/11 I told people that the planes that flew into the towers were remote controlled due to how they were flying and because I knew the technology existed to do so. However, the evidence on this forum has made me reconsider that point as video trickery. Does this view need to be absolute or can I continue to hold the view that I don't know anyone who died, but there could (and should) be some or potentially many. The main issue of 9/11 is that the perpetrators need to be exposed & dealt with, right? Or is it that 9/11 wasn't so bad because no one died? I view 9/11 as worse than the mainstream because I don't believe any vengeance was achieved - it was merely a stepping stone for stealing even more money from Americans (and resources and power from the rest of the world). If there was absolutely zero danger of dying on 9/11 near the towers, then I don't see why so many were risking telling their allies not to go to work/NYC (Condoleezza Rice, many Israelis, etc). There is always a risk of death when doing a controlled demolition in a new way (from top to bottom) in the middle of a populated city. Furthermore, do you believe that asbestos can cause cancer if it were breathed into the lungs? Besides getting the huge insurance payouts, another reason for the plan was that they were breaking regulations by not spending millions to renovate the twin towers to take out the asbestos:

"nobody has played on the moon, nobody has orbited Earth."

Yes, these two are obviously fabricated.

"And please clearly admit upfront in your intro post that you have never met any terror victims."
Nope; I have not met terror victims.

"Any "terror-victim / orbit-human" claims must be made in your intro, not months or years later."
I do not know of any terror victim or human (and non-human) space travel.

Did I miss anything? I do appreciate all of your rigor and I shall try to live up to it!
simonshack » September 28th, 2018, 7:14 pm wrote: Problem is, too few people have balls like that in this world. Righteous and virtuous angry people are just told to shut up - and that they are "too emotional"...
I agree - this is a huge problem in society right now... It's one of those lies that is present on a daily basis. "Toxic masculinity, micro-aggressions" and other weaponized & fabricated language - pretty soon we'll have "micro hate facts"!

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Re: REQUIRED: Introduce Yourself

Unread post by TripleSpeak » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:16 pm

simonshack » September 28th, 2018, 10:32 pm wrote:
TripleSpeak » September 28th, 2018, 8:03 pm wrote:
I'm not sure what the question is - which smoke are you referring to? The smoldering of the fires on the upper 1/3rd of the twin towers?
This smoke, dear TripleSpeak : viewtopic.php?p=2391828#p2391828
TripleSpeak wrote:I saw significant flat earth support in threads on this forum - maybe I missed some official posts deeming them incorrect.
You must have been reading another forum. No support for flat earth theories is tolerated here : viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1810&hilit=dba+flat+earth
Sounds reasonable - and smoke would drive people away from the base of the buildings. However, these videos do not look fake to me:

You're saying this video and ones like it are fake? Why would they make those poofs of smoke shooting out of the building like in all of the demolition videos that they then had to explain away in later "pancake theories" as being caused by pressure (despite the velocity proving explosions)? I don't think this is how they pull off false flags. Once the attack occurs, then everyone's awareness shoots up - the slight of hand is all in the setup, but they cannot control people recording videos from every angle and uploading them to bittorrent, for example. Anyway, I don't mean to bring up a foregone conclusion, but I don't think the buildings collapsing videos are CGI covered up by fake smoke. There may be fake smoke generators to cover up some explosions and other things - but the videos of the collapse look exactly like controlled demolitions (if you wanted to start the demolition from the damage area near the top). If the twin tower collapses are CGI, then they would have at least slowed down the collapse a little to make sure "conspiracy theorists" don't immediately recognize their free fall "rate of collapse." Explosions in demolitions must move through the building at equal or greater to free fall speed or they risk leaving some of the building standing.

The videos censored from MSM of witnesses and firefighters saying they experienced and saw explosions before the planes hit & during the collapse seem genuine. Furthermore, the firefighter testimony and engineers who signed 9/11 re-investigation petitions seem to think thermite was used to help cut up the building's huge steel supports - which makes sense when you have a building of this size to cut up into little pieces. The videos showing molten metal coming out of the building near the damage zone on the upper half does not seem like the best hoax CGI ever, but rather video evidence that has been censored from MSM because it does not fit with the "jet fuel" narrative. Also note that building #6 was basically demolished around the same time as the twin towers, so your image labeled "fake smoke" could be related to those shorter buildings being demolished than being entirely fake. The image labeled "do real building demolitions produce this much smoke" seems a bit off - I agree that they don't, but the demolition of the twin towers was not like the demolition of building #7 (which had a typical amount of smoke for a controlled demolition). I don't doubt smoke machines being used, but it is clear to me that they blew up the twin towers starting at the damage zone to match their narrative. They did not avoid blowing up the buildings from the top to the bottom in order to protect innocent victims who might be killed from a messy demolition strategy - these people are criminals...

I hope that stating my opinions on this topic is not viewed as being divisive since I was asked about them. I have a feeling this forum is going to encourage me to increase my photo/video forensic skills, which is good :)

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