The Michael Jackson family

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Re: The Michael Jackson family

Unread post by anonjedi2 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:20 pm

figuringitout wrote:
anonjedi2 wrote:If you examine the available evidence and still conclude that his death was anything other than a hoax, I really wouldn't know what to say to you. The evidence is even more convincing than the 9/11 comedy (which is plenty convincing in itself). Watch the funeral and the Conrad Murray trial for starters.
Maybe it was a hoax, but that doesn't mean it was a hoax pulled off by Michael Jackson.
There is no maybe on this. It's a hoax. It's more obvious than 9/11, Sandy Hook, JFK, Boston Bombings and the Apollo missions combined. How would this hoax be pulled off without him involved? Go to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators website and study the material there. It will take you a few months. Then come back here and report on your findings.

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