JP Morgan terrorist drills uk bournmouth

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JP Morgan terrorist drills uk bournmouth

Unread post by jericanman » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:37 pm

If this is not the suitable area for this post feel free to move it.

I was looking threw my local news and came across this today. ... _gun_fire/

Now this is just a drill, but interesting that its at jp morgan. Might have to watch out for events in the UK possibly.

Their is apparently a follow up drill next Thursday, I'll keep an eye out for further news.

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Re: JP Morgan terrorist drills uk bournmouth

Unread post by Prescient » Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:14 pm

Too many spelling mishtakes.

I'm not particularly great at spelling or indeed writing so I sympathise, but it's very important to keep standards high here.

Also have you read the posting guidelines?
4) Always check your spelling and grammar, even if English is your mother tongue. Ungrammatical or confused writing turns off readers and gives them a lower opinion of this forum. It also associates thinking persons with anti-social handicaps like illiteracy. Furthermore, one of the telling signs for trolls and shills is usually one or another form of writing sloppiness, which serves as a mask to prevent their military/insider lingo to slip through. We are normal people who try to write correctly to be best understood: not only by your immediate forum pal, but by the reader of tomorrow who should browse the pages of this board in search of some clarity and sanity.

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