Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by oddmanout » Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:47 pm

A Year in the Life of a Crisis Actor...The Frederick Johnson Story
My report is about Fred Johnson, a co-worker of mine and an alleged injured victim of the Pulse night club/ Orlando shooting in June 2016. The preliminaries about my relationship to Fred Johnson are:

1) we work for the same insurance company...he as a bond underwriter and myself as a commercial lines one.

2) we share the same kitchen space, which is a galley styled room, open ended at both sides with a fridge, kitchen counter area equipped with a microwave and a toaster oven and conveniently, a sink in the middle of it all. On the opposite wall is a workspace counter, small table with chairs and a copier/printer/scanner. Fred and I share this common area several times during a normal work week.

3) Fred and I also worked the same “Volunteer Day” (sponsored by our employer) for a Habitat For Humanity Day in 2014 where we helped put together a house in Jax Beach. I wanted to post a picture of us taken that day but sadly, I am so computer inept I couldn't figure out how to do it.

The story begins last year, June 12th to be exact. That was the morning of the Pulse shooting/Orlando event. Of course I knew immediately it was a hoax. The next day at work I told my good friend Anna, who is my co-worker, and who sits on the other side of my cubicle wall, that it was a fake story and that no one died. She didn't know what to say and pretty much just slid back to her cubie and we went back to work. Anna knows that I believe no one died on 9/11 but that's also the elephant in the room in our friendship.

For some reason, vacation day or agency visit I don't remember, but I was out of the office the next day. When I returned to work on June 15th I had more info to give Anna about the Pulse shooting event and I was going to try and make her see some inconsistencies. So the next morning when I mentioned to her again that I thought the Pulse thing was not real she blurted out that Fred Johnson was a victim, that he was shot and that he was going to have to have many operations. It seems the day before when I was out of the office the company had announced that Fred had been one of the victims. Stunned and speechless I returned to my desk and worked on.

After the initial shock wore off I found I was actually elated. Here I was face to face with an actual crisis actor. I knew my task at hand and looked forward to it.

Frederick Johnson, 35 (at the time)...black, slender male...single...friendly, if one speaks to him first...gay, or at least most people assume he is. He has worked for the company for several years and appears to be well liked by all.

That evening I went looking for all stories Fred related. I found a few. Apparently Fred was a lesser player but in the end he held his own. His stories were as bizzare as the best of them. Remember this when you read the toilet stall story.

What follows here are the media stories/reports I found relating to Fred.

http://www.wftv.com/news/pulse-shooting ... /341196896

http://www.wftv.com/news/pulse-shooting ... /357556668

So there you have it in his own words. Fred takes a chance and runs for it...clears the building but Mateen was watching him and he shoots Fred twice...once in the right hip and once in his left arm, “shattering” it.

Now for me the wait is on for Fred to return to work. That happened September 6, 2016. I never did understand why Fred's injuries constituted a 3 month lay out from work for what was essentially a broken arm. Many people come to work with broken arms and Fred himself confirmed to me the injured arm is not his dominate one...he is right handed.

Fred returns to work to some fan fare but not much and life goes on. At this point in time Fred did not have a cast on his arm, if he ever did. What he was wearing looked like a splint under a black piece of cloth wrapped around his forearm. Of course, he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and he has worn long sleeve shirts everyday until June 2, 2017, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

So as fate had it, on September 15, 2016, Fred and I were both in the kitchen galley at the same time and better still, we were alone. Now is the time I tell myself.

I asked him about the injuries he sustained from the shooting. He said the bullet to his right hip did nothing. He said the bullet went cleanly through and there were no complications from the hip bullet. So continuing, I asked him about the arm injury. He loads me full of information:

1) Said he was in a cast for 3 weeks,

2) Doc told him to move arm as much as he can to get feeling back,

3) Fred tells me he had 3 damaged arm nerves and that they took 2 nerves from his leg and transplanted them in his arm. He told me they are waiting for the nerves to understand what they are supposed to do in his arm and to start working.

4) He said that at night when he rests his arm the swelling goes down but during the day when he forgets and his arm is dangling it swells up.

I left this engagement with Fred thrilled that I had made a connection. I intended to pursue it at every possible opportunity.

I researched nerve transplants and came across this article which states that taking nerves from one area will form a dead zone in that area. Fred had 2 nerves taken out of his leg. I am posting the link. The article in its entirety is interesting but I quote from the only 2 sentences relevant to my case as these sentences describe the route that Fred and his surgeons decided to take.

“Surgeons usually choose from two options: using a synthetic tube called a conduit to graft the nerve or removing a nerve from elsewhere on the patient's body to repair a more essential spot. While effective, the latter option has the drawback of leaving a "dead spot," or loss of feeling, where the replacement nerve is taken out.”

http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/h ... -1.1302455

My next conversation with Fred was on October 25, 2016. I ran into Fred on my way into work one morning. We park in generally the same area so sometimes we arrive at the same time and enter the building together, as we did on this day.

Just a quick background before proceeding with what was said during this encounter. A week or so before, our company had decided to make mandatory the watching of an active shooter video to teach employees how to handle a situation should we be confronted with an active shooter on our premises. We were instructed to watch a short video that talked about what we should do. The gist was to decide early on whether we were going to be one that runs from a situation, one that hides from the shooter or one that decides to take action. We were to either run, hide or fight.

After the video the company held 2 meetings and although attendance to the meeting was not mandatory it was encouraged. We were to pick one of the 2 meeting times depending on which was more convenient for us. I attended the first one. HR people began the meeting and spoke about what precautions they had put in place to protect us should an event like this happen. Then we listened to a guest speaker. I can't recall his name but apparently he had been involved in an active shooter situation and he was giving us his advice.

During the meeting I looked around the room to see who was in attendance and lo and behold I see Fred Johnson setting across the room. It hits me...why isn't Fred being called to discuss his actions during the Pulse event since it was exactly what the meeting was all about and Fred had just recently had this first hand experience. But no, Fred was never called to speak.

So back to the parking lot with Fred the morning of October 25, 2016. Again, it was just the two of us and sensing this was a perfect time to dig for more answers I said to him as we walked through the back door...did the company ask you to speak at the meetings? His response was one of being truly shocked that I would even ask that question. He said...what could I have possibly told anyone? I said...but you went through the exact scenario they were conjecturing about. Truthfully, I didn't use the word conjecturing but I said something along those lines. He says, no they didn't ask me and even if they would have I don't have an hour to talk to people about this. Now even though it might sound like he was angry with this statement he actually wasn't. I continued that maybe the company was afraid that it would upset him if he had to relive the event and possibly that is why they did not ask him to speak at the meetings. He then said that it had crossed his mind that maybe the company put the program together at this point in time because of what happened to him. We were now in the stairwell approaching the 3rd floor landing. Fred must have felt that his statement about being too busy to talk with people might have sounded harsh because he softened it a bit and said...if they would have asked me to speak I would have said something but they didn't ask me. We were now at the 3rd floor door. He opened it and we walked through. He went left and I went right.

And I went right to my desk. I immediately signed onto my computer and then pulled out a scrap piece of paper and wrote down to the best of my recollection what had just been said. I have found through prior experience it is best to write down what happened or what was said as soon as possible. It's invaluable for making a case. That is what I did that day and that is what I did everyday I ever had an encounter with Fred or observed something about Fred.

Things lay dormant for months as Fred “heals”. We continue to see each other from time to time in the kitchen and pleasantries are exchanged. According to my notes, on March 23rd I again spoke with Fred in the kitchen area about his injuries. As I read my notes the encounter returned to my memory just re-enforcing how important it is to keep timely notes. Fred was wearing a big thick rubber band wrapped around his hand that kept the last 2 fingers on Fred's left hand bent forward. He said when he takes off the band, after several hours of wearing it, his fingers are able to move better. This is also the encounter when Fred confirmed to me he was right handed.

It's June 2nd and up till now things have been pretty uneventful. Now this morning as I enter the kitchen I see Fred and he's in a short sleeved shirt pouring himself a glass of orange juice as he stands at the fridge, door open. I say “hi” of course, and start to load my lunch in through the open door. As good as the short sleeve news is I see he is back to wearing the black sleeve that covers his forearm. I had noticed the black sleeve had disappeared months ago but he always wore long sleeve shirts so nothing could really be seen. Now he had that black sleeve back on and as such, even though he was in a shirt with short sleeves there was very little skin exposed. However, my proximity to Fred was such that I got a very good and sustained look at his skin in the uncovered area of the back of his left arm and it was smooth and un-traumatized.

Fast forward about 6 hours and I'm walking down a hallway as I see Fred leaving the men's room. He begins to walk towards me and I see the black sleeve is gone. Unbelievable. His arm is exposed. As he walks towards me I realize he could easily turn left and walk past the bank of elevators to return to his desk but no, he continues forward towards me. As he gets closer I see a band-aid covering his forearm, similar to the kind you buy for cuts and scraps, but somewhat longer. The one he was wearing was about 8 inches in length and no more than 2 inches wide. However, no area outside of that band-aid showed trauma. As he passed me I turned to look at the back side of his left arm and again...smooth, clear, unblemished skin...just as you would expect from a 36 year old person. No signs of surgery or scarring was evident.

This whole event of Fred exposing himself so to speak, prompted me to re-open my red folder labeled Fred Johnson. It's then I realized that we were close to the one year anniversary. That evening I resolved to speak with Fred again. I mentally reviewed what I still wanted to know from him. I came up with 2 questions and an opening line. Since he had already exposed his arm I felt confident he would do it again so I thought my initial comment would be...oh my, your arm looks good, almost back to normal. From there I wanted to know how many operations has he had and how did the removal of his leg nerves affect his leg.

The morning of June 6th I arrive in the parking lot as Fred is exiting his black Camaro. Timing wasn't right but at least I knew he was in the office today. I work through the morning and at lunch time, as usual, I am using the kitchen area preparing and cleaning up from my lunch. Except for the rare day I go out for lunch I always eat my lunch at my desk surfing the web but always starting off with a review of Clues Forum and Fakeologist. I could not be who I am and where I am without all of you.

As I washed my dishes that day I distinctly remember thinking how I so wished Fred would come in now because I was prepared for him and the area was quiet. Unbelievably, Fred walks through the door and heads for the fridge and begins to pour himself a soda. Bad news...Fred does not have on a short sleeve shirt so I can't say how great his arm looks. I improvise and say "I notice you don't have the black bandage on any more....you must be almost back to normal". I had no idea how he would react to the statement and was happy to find out he wanted to talk. He said he was almost there yes, but they were waiting on his fingers. I had noticed he was wearing gauze bandages on the tips of a couple of his fingers for the past week...odd looking I thought. Although, at the time of this conversation he did not have the gauze on his fingers. He said, I cannot make a fist with this hand (left) like this, and he showed me the right hand with his fist. Couldn't do that with the left, he said. He said he has to wear various types of braces and he is really tired of doing it and can't wait for it to be over.

Now was the perfect time for the intro into how many operations he has had so I asked him, how many operations have you had? He says 8. Ok, now he knocked me back a few feet. I never expected he'd say that number. He saw my shocked look and then he quickly said...3 surgeries and 8 operations. I said, I don't understand. Then Fred says, I went into surgery 3 times but when I was in there they performed operations like when they took the nerve out of my leg. He then points to the back of his leg. He continues, that was an operation. He said when they transplanted that nerve to his arm it was another operation. This must be surgical nomenclature. I have never heard that operations are sub-sections of surgeries. He went on to say that his last surgery was one month ago when the doctors took out the rod that they had previously placed in his arm. After that they cleaned out scar tissue. I'm not sure if this was considered one operation or two.

So 8 operations on the forearm, a relatively small area. Maybe this is not as usual as it sounds. I'm not in the medical profession so I just don't know.

Perfect segway into "how is your leg doing now that they took out the nerves". Remember back in September he told me they took 2 nerves from his legs to replace 3 damaged nerves in his arm. No problem, he says. Of course, right after the operation/surgery they told him to stay off the leg but only for about a week and then everything was fine, he said. The summer dress code of our company includes the wearing of shorts. I can't say that I have ever seen Fred wear shorts outside of the volunteer day but I sure hope he does. I'd love to see those legs.

So I went on fawning about how glad he must be to finally be getting back to normal and almost all healed up. He said he is really tired of the braces and the therapy and he can't wait for things to be back to normal. He does not mention any long term residual effects or limitations so I have to assume he is expected to be coming back 100%. Then he says , do you know it has been almost one year since it happened. Feigning surprise I say, really a year now? Right then, as he's talking about the anniversary, I see out of the corner of my eye my good friend Anna entering the kitchen. The only person in the whole company I do not want hearing me discuss this issue with Fred is, my good friend Anna. We have not discussed this issue since the morning of June 15, 2016 when she told me Fred had been seriously injured. Anna knows Fred and Anna likes Fred. She would have joined the conversation. She could have easily blown my cover by saying...now do you believe it's not a hoax! I couldn't take that chance. I had to end the conversation with Fred and I had to end it now...she was within feet of us. So I said, nice talking to you, take care. Then I turned to the counter to gather my dishes and leave. Fred was surprised. I heard him say, Oh, ok. Then he too walked away.

I will continue to watch Fred but I do not expect any surprises. I do believe his gig will be up after the anniversary. After that his role is over and he'll be free to go back to his past life. In the not too distance future he will remove all bandages and I will finally be able to see his forearm up close. I feel certain I won't see much of anything and if I do, I can't imagine it will resemble anything like a surgically repaired "shattered" forearm. Will anyone else notice his lack of scarring? Will anyone else even think to think about it? Will I feel vindicated? To whom would I feel vindicated? Do I like Fred...yes. Do I believe Fred...no. Can I judge Fred? What is his motivation? Throughout the year the one question I could not ask him and the one question which in my opinion is the most important is ...why are you participating in this charade?

As far as his role as a crisis actor, he has constantly remained in character. He has maintained his broken arm story. His arm has always been either held in a sling or dangled helplessly at his side for a year now. Although a broken arm is not as difficult a role as say, Gabby's head injury, even so, he knew his job and he did it.

The one year anniversary is today, June 12th, the day I am finishing up my report. I heard last week that Fred was going to be speaking at some event for the anniversary but I didn't hear where he was going to be doing it. It's possible if I had carried my last conversation with Fred to a natural conclusion he might have told me about it. In the end it doesn't matter. His story will not change, nothing new will be said, and the truth will continue to elude the masses.

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by CluedIn » Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:52 pm

That's quite a post there, oddmanout! Reads like a novel or a script.

Based on this Gofundme page, https://www.gofundme.com/orlandosurvivors, I'm assuming you work for the Main Street America Group (National Grange Insurance Company). I find it odd that a company would take the time to make a video in memory of the Pulse victims and not pay special recognition to someone who works for them. Makes me think Fred's position is ghost-like and you may be just furthering the story that he indeed works there. https://msagroup.wistia.com/medias/qo2r ... andoStrong

I find it odd they would make a video at all. Or is this the new norm in business?

I also find it almost impossible to believe that your good friend Anna, Fred's good friend as well, would not have possibly spoken (without you around) to Fred about your suspicions for over a year. The manner in which you write, leaves one to believe that since you dropped the conversation with Fred when Anna walked in, that not a word is uttered between them without you around.

I hope Fred doesn't read Clues, or you will soon be outed by someone other than Anna.

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by oddmanout » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:03 pm


To begin, let me thank you for taking the time to read the quite lengthy post. I was concerned about my first post being so long but after all, it was a year in the life. I shortened as best I felt I could and still keep it informational and hopefully, interesting.

Yes, the video...I had forgotten about that. They put that out last year right after the event, way before Fred came back. The caption says it was shown at the 2016 Marketing and Communications conference. It was probably put together to fill some time or be part of a presentation. The video is just a compilation of stills that were already flooding the mainstream media, set to music.

However, our company did recognize Fred as a victim. I have finally figured out how to get pics on the site so the one showing the celebrities by Fred's bedside was put out on our company's website days after the event. The article that accompanied the photo spoke to the trauma that Fred endured that night and of his many surgeries to come.

As far as whether Anna has spoken with Fred about the event, I have no idea. As far as whether Anna told Fred I think this is a hoax, I feel certain she didn't. I said, Anna knows Fred and Anna likes Fred but everybody likes Fred. Anna and Fred are not good friends, they are only acquaintances. Anna and I are good friends and although she views my position on this issue as idiotic (nobody dying in these hoaxes) she has to overlook that in order to continue to remain friends with an otherwise normal person. She has to make this concession just as I have to do in order to remain friends with her for the very same reason but the other side of the story. She would not go to an acquaintance and bad mouth me, so to speak. She might have said it in front of me if she thought I had changed my mind after hearing Fred's complete story.

Of course I did think of the ramifications of posting the report...i.e. from the company, Fred or Anna, but in the end I didn't state anything but my opinion on the empirical evidence of Fred this past year. If my cover is blown, it's blown. I am used to being the oddmanout...although not on a company-wide scale. Yikes! What have I done!

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Mon Jul 03, 2017 12:26 pm

Sorry, but what characters exactly, from this story, are we expected to believe in now?

Could you please summarize the people we are meant to find to be credible real individuals (besides your self)?

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by CluedIn » Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:18 pm

I'm curious what happened to all the other pictures you originally posted oddmanout? It's also a little baffling to me that if you removed them yourself, that your post does not indicate that you edited it. I don't know who saw that post with the picture of Fred in the hospital, but all of your Habitat for Humanity pictures have been removed.

Unless an admin removed them?

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by oddmanout » Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:02 am

Hoi, CluedIn...thank you both for the opportunity to explain the edits. Possibly in my haste to edit the post I missed the place to explain the edit. I have seen that in posts of others...I just didn't see it then. I was very thankful that I was able to edit the post because I really did have a "Yikes, what did I do" moment....more than one, in fact. First off, I did not have a right to put a captioned photo of Anna on line. Even though you couldn't have picked her out of a line up from that poor quality photo, I felt certain she wouldn't approve. I had to remove it.

In addition, I removed all comments I made that I felt were irrelevant to my post on Fred yet at the same time I felt my final reply addressed all of CluedIn's concerns.

I do understand unacknowledged edits draw suspicion and I certainly didn't want to start off this way so again, thank you for the opportunity to explain.

What is very interesting to me in both of your replies is I sense you feel Fred is not a real person. I'm with you 100% on the sim victim deaths but there has to be public survivors, and Fred is a documented survivor. Whether I am a real person or not, he is.

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by hoi.polloi » Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:31 am

We are aware of real people playing roles as crisis actors. In 9/11 there are many examples of just plain old actors pretending. There is certainly enough evidence to suggest this as a possibility for these regular PsyOps now.

The trouble with posting any names we suspect (or pretty much know) of being involved is that for others it relies heavily on anecdotal evidence. And we do not make it a point to build up trust of one another here on the forum. Though, of course, various members do bear in mind whom they trust and do not trust, I am sure. That is a healthy way to approach this project since undoubtedly agents would be happy to take advantage of our public goals, if not the hope that comes with that.

Recently, I have come across yet another example of stories of CluesForum members who know sell outs in their own lives who appeared as "witnesses" to dubious events on television. Calling them out in public is not always useful, either. In The Vicsim Report, I suggested we need to band together and figure out some legal action. Even that seems premature, now, since it's the law itself that is designed to produce these gaping cracks and loopholes for corporate piracy (while simultaneously chasing after the red herring of small time individual piracy).

However, our forum is a place where you can certainly post your suspicions and you shouldn't feel as though you need to retract accusations that would help others understand how this whole thing works. Perhaps where you are concerned about calling out someone or getting yourself in trouble with them, you might:

1. remove their name but keep the story intact.
2. keep the name in the story but develop powerful questions and wonderings rather than specific accusations.
3. lightly confront them in person about it and gauge a reaction (i.e. become your community's own personal detective)

The reason it is good for us to develop the third option a lot, is because our communities obviously have become completely dumbly naive when it comes to trusting authoritative sounding broadcasts. And you can do this with no danger to yourself except the inconvenience of being slightly a social pariah. It might even be our responsibility to humanity to push these matters into social discussions.

Our forum is mainly designed as a place to challenge people to think, retrain them how to think for themselves and not get tricked, yet reassure people that if they have questions and suspicions that nobody else around them is asking, it doesn't make those things wrong or crazy. Asking everyone on the forum to trust your specifics is not what you were doing, exactly, but that is the implication of what you are asking when you say something is "real" to you. Your depiction of yourself as a detective is also, I agree with CluedIn, rather novelistic and written in such a way as if your goal is to slowly reveal yourself as an obsessive outcast (along with your name). Do you ever write for a living? Have you ever written the back story for a character?

It just might also mean we need to seek out the smart people in our community and reintegrate them — not alienate them so they feel their only role is to sell out to NASA. (This doesn't address the issue of numerous slimeballs selling out because they just don't care about others that much.)

In fact, it seems we are discovering some kind of universal human problem that when people get together they become extremely insecure on a deep level, as a trade off for the security of groupthink. Asking them to think outside of that is like telling them where to live or what to eat. Socially, for now, it may have to be treated in a similar way. You do it in polite ways. Inviting ways. Not trolling. Respect. Right now we don't get respect in return for our deep respect of the public and humanity. But society can change. It already is changing. :)

So, in conclusion, please consider posting your story with these goals in mind, without asking people to trust you. Demonstrate your thinking, your sharp questions and your logic above all. This will help others do the same in their own situation, which will be different from yours. I hope that makes sense and you are not offended by this. You obviously are being a sort of detective in this scene you have written.

Nevertheless, I value your story because in case Fred (or someone like him) is real, it's a great example of critical thinking about some co-worker supposedly dipping out for a quick black ops project, then returning to normal, for some personal gain. My follow up question would be: if we are to believe Fred is real, how does Fred benefit from this? And shouldn't you be seeking better evidence on all fronts, rather than the one-track pursuit of sneaking peeks and acting insincere and suspicious yourself? (That is, if you care about the truth and not just being an iconoclast.)

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by oddmanout » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:39 pm

Hoi...I appreciate the thoughtful reply. You said a lot so it took me some time to digest. I know of course, you are aware of real people playing roles as actors and yes, I will be more discerning of personal information in the future.

I do understand this forum was "designed as a place to challenge people to think, retrain them how to think for themselves and not get tricked...". That was the very lesson I learned from Clues Forum that enabled me to see the Pulse event for what it was.

My mistake was in the format. It was obviously off-putting. As I said in my introduction, I have been reading the forum since 2011. I know you all but you don't know me from Adam or in my case, Eve. In hindsight, my post should have been only a sentence or two long just stating that I work with a guy who claims to be a victim at Pulse. Everyone would have understood without me going into further detail. Lesson learned.

Your question as to whether I write for a living got me thinking. Of course I am not a writer or author in the traditional sense but when I really thought about it I realized that 90% of my day is spent typing correspondence to others. Each correspondence is a separate communication to separate individual. I write (type) all day long. I had never thought of it that way but yes, I suppose I can say I make a living at writing...however, I have never written fiction. I don't read it and I don't write it.

Just to let you know there would be no hard feelings on my part if you deleted my post in its entirety or at the very least, moved it to the derailing room where it can be buried with the rest of the garbage. Obviously, it is your website and your call...I'm just saying.

As I said in the beginning, I really do appreciate the time you took to read the post and to give me your honest feedback. It will definitely be in the front of my mind should I make a future post.

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by anonjedi2 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:52 pm

oddmanout, a few questions, if you don't mind.

1) Is English your first language? Where were you born/raised (you can be general, specifics are not important). Do you speak any other languages? What about your parents, do they speak any other languages and where are they from, originally?

2) "I wanted to post a picture of us taken that day but sadly, I am so computer inept I couldn't figure out how to do it."

You said you spent 90% of your day "typing correspondence to others," and that you "write (type) all day long."

Terrible grammar aside, this claim makes it seem as though you're quite capable with computers. Can you reconcile these two conflicting statements? Now that you know how to embed images on the site, can you share the picture with us?

3) You claim to have what seems like voluminous notes about Fred including a "red folder labeled Fred Johnson." Can you share a couple of photos of these notes and this red folder? The sooner the better.

4) Will you post a photo of Fred's black Camaro? Again, the sooner the better. This should be easy for you since you park in the same area, everyday.

5) How long have you lived in Orlando?

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by Flabbergasted » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:44 am

Wake of wax dummy vicsim Angel Candelario Padro:

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by simonshack » Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:52 pm

Nice touch with that stethoscope wrapped around his neck ! :P

Watch at 1:37

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rfl4jPA2hc

So it can't possibly be a wax dummy, dear Flabbergasted... Wax dummies have no hearts! -_-

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Re: Pulse Gay Bar Orlando shooting, 12 June 2016

Unread post by brianv » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:18 pm

simonshack » November 9th, 2017, 1:52 pm wrote:
Nice touch with that stethoscope wrapped around his neck ! :P

Watch at 1:37

So it can't possibly be a wax dummy, dear Flabbergasted... Wax dummies have no hearts! -_-
America in Microcosm - Dummies wrapped in Flags.

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