SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012

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Re: SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012

Unread postby OpticalIllusion on Thu Jul 26, 2018 5:16 pm

It seems Mr. Pozner has a Facebook page bragging about how all the "truthers" have been silenced and or censored. I wonder if he ever directly viewed our thread? I posted specific errors in their fakery directly to their wall lets see if I get removed :).
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Re: SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012

Unread postby fbenario on Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:40 pm

So Alex Jones now gets his day in court to defend his claim that Newtown was a hoax. Wonder if the 'parents' will have to prove their 'deceased child' really existed?
On Wednesday in an Austin courtroom, the struggle of the Sandy Hook families to hold to account Alex Jones, a powerful leader of this online community, will reach a crossroads. Lawyers for Noah Pozner’s parents will seek to convince a Texas judge that they — and by extension the families of eight other victims in the 2012 shooting that killed 20 first graders and six adults — have a valid defamation claim against Mr. Jones, whose Austin-based Infowars media operation spread false claims that the shooting was an elaborate hoax.

Unfortunately it is not likely that anyone involved will testify about specific types of media fakery.
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Re: SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012

Unread postby hoi.polloi on Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:04 pm

It's just posturing for the moment they will flood CluesForum with such dubious claims and enterprises to get the truth taken down from the Internet. It's a completely self-defeating and heinous attack on liberty to use the military saturated town to activate military legislation in a military PsyOp in broad daylight but that seems to be the move.

What traitorous menace convinced them to this act? What has convinced them that deception is both truth and more important than truth? And yet, what else is new? The PNAC and 9/11 hoaxers apparently want to destroy America's sense of reality itself if they can't have their imperial colonialist, sick & twisted, murderous, inhumane narrative unquestioned.

They will:

1. Order the "Alex Jones" character to take charge of "free speech" claims, thereby demoting independent researchers in the eyes of the public (which won't work for those truly paying attention but it will work to vaguely control the on-the-fence demographic and sway them to follow the drama as a pied piper leads ... )


2. Decide they want to use the "Alex Jones" character as a precedent to ban certain military-controlled subjects and even certain people from having any space on the Internet at all (which really won't work for anyone familiar with the Nutwork's own foaming about Russian and Chinese media control — even if twisted as a way to create "safety")

The legislation is surely already written and just waiting to be enacted. So now we just have to brace ourselves for the social repercussions of this concussive wave of the American public slammed against itself. It may also be some attempt to flame up conflicts in the country, which always seems to be the general sway of the media. When the military cannot provoke action to blame their enemy (who are, apparently, just average American people at this point), they will provoke anger to tempt conflict.

As long as we are divided, we cannot move forward on a peaceful revolution to remove these psychos from power. It still works against us and that is something they must know — as we are absolutely and rightly accusing them of — is unjustifiable to do. Their actions will have consequences they cannot even predict but if the very top is led by worshipers of death and chaos that's the point. It's the mad conditions that they thrive in.

As we also have learned in over ten years of research, we are not alone in our vigilance and watchfulness of this behavior, nor our attitude towards it. Take heart!
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