The "There were thousands of witnesses" myth

It has taken less than 10 years to pry open the can of worms enshrouding the pathetic 9/11 scam. The central role of the major newsmedia corporations to pull off this sordid "terror" simulation has now been comprehensively exposed. Before joining this forum, please get familiar with the research at:
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Re: The "There were thousands of witnesses" myth

Unread post by Unleashed » Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:56 pm

Questron wrote:Hoi.polloi,

I'm not sure what to think about the situation of the perps leading people to believe there were demolition explosions when there really were demolitions going on. right now, to me, it seems counter-productive, but... anything is possible.

OK, if all witnesses are not to be trusted (a fine first assumption in my book), where does this leave us with the "witnesses" who reported hearing/seeing missiles, seeing small planes, etc.?

And I'll try to hold-off on the comments in this thread until I have something to report...
I think where the issue is, is that they had to pretend two buildings came down from the top in a pyroclastic montage of morphing smoke and squibs, and action movie fireball.

When in reality, the towers were brought down from the bottom up as all building demolitions are.
Where the squibs part came in most likely is that I gather there was a scale mock up of the towers built somewhere. These were tested on and filmed. This scale demo would have been the basis filmstock from which the cgi version was created. In blowing up those scale models, there would have also been standard squibs to bring it down. These are not geniuses who put this together and it should come as no surprise the errors left in.

There has been talk through the years of how the seismic registers don't match with the buildings falling. The registers would have been markers for the actual demo versus the made for tv version which was only too happy to show you looped smoke footage until the real deed was done then...cue the cgi tower collapse.
This was done twice, but not flawlessly so. And the tv version was, I would think, supposed to incorporate the excuse for Building 7s demise also. But, maybe there was a tech failure and a crew had to be called in to fix the problem so that Building 7 did not fall until later in the day. Even so, the footage would have to be cgi'd over to disguise to the distinct sound of a standard building demo going off. However, the look could not be radically changed as attention had been called to the area to pretend there was anything other than a bottom up demolition. All they could do, was falsely claim it was due to a raging fire that was not in evidence.

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Re: The "There were thousands of witnesses" myth

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I just came by these eye witnesses on a tv news channel from my country. It's in portuguese. If needed to be translated or something I'll do it.

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Re: The "There were thousands of witnesses" myth

Unread post by Farcevalue » Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:23 pm

In my experience, the "thousands of witnesses" is the most common retort to the presentation of the no plane facts to the uninformed. As a member of the live production community, I have been part of the technical crew of hundreds, perhaps thousands of events involving cameras to provide large screen image magnification of personalities on stage. At any given time 90% of the audience will be watching the screens, rather than the stage, even if they are seated directly in front of the stage. Try observing this at a concert sometime, or notice how a television in a room distracts from the proceedings. Of course, this was no different on 9/11. Even if "thousands of witnesses" were watching the event unfold live, (not the plants) it is likely that the majority who had a television at their disposal were watching that too, if not mostly. It would be easy for them to imagine they had simply missed the plane while they were turned to the television and mix the memories together for an "eyewitness" story. I haven't heard anything about all the eyewitnesses who must have seen the investigators rushing to the street below to bag and serially identify all the parts the broke off and tumbled to the ground outside the towers. No news cameras on that either, hmm....

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Re: The "There were thousands of witnesses" myth

Unread post by lux » Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:44 pm

Hey, I saw Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald right there on "live television." I'm an eye witness!

... er ... uh ... or, was it John Wayne shooting Liberty Valence? No wait ... Jimmy Stewart?

Well, which ever it was, I know I saw it happen!


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