9/11 Institutions

The most common objection people have to our research: "Too many people would have been involved to pull off such a massive hoax." Well, with trillions of taxpayers' dollars at hand, this operation could certainly afford contracting many individuals (under a gag order and on a need-to-know basis). Meet the real - and unreal - persons, companies & entities assigned to carry out this gigantic, media & military-assisted psyop.
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9/11 Institutions

Unread post by hoi.polloi »

Rockwell Collins, whom Simon and I suspect of being deeply involved in the graphics department of the 9/11 simulation, is now boasting deep involvement in the Apollo 11 mission:

http://rockwellcollins.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

On their site, they claim to be the "leader" in the all-encompassing concept of computer graphics for 35 years. Seems that Apollo 11 did them well.
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Unread post by hoi.polloi »

Okay, now not to get too off topic, and maybe I have to restructure this discussion a bit soon, move this to 9/11 Investigations but ...

AT&T went through a very embittered stage of life when the antitrust broke them up into the baby Bell corporations in 1983. I remember that from my childhood, conservatives were complaining endlessly about this event even years afterwards, which was seen by them as an "attack" on free-market capitalism as a whole. Only from my perspective now could I understand why an adult would be anti-antitrust. Because they are a neocon.

One of the first Bell companies to re-instate their trust - and somehow it went unnoticed or successfully fought - was a group known as US West. This was a former AT&T company (AT&T has enormous ties to the CIA and MITRE corporation) that went like this ...
"On January 1, 1991, U S WEST consolidated Northwestern Bell and Pacific Northwest Bell operations into those of Mountain Bell, renaming it US WEST Communications, Inc., "

Now two of those US West locations just happen to be the exact homes of U.S. StratCom and U.S. NorthCom (Omaha, Nebraska and Denver, Colorado, respectively) which are mysterious unofficial bases claiming to be U.S. military - and house armed forces who apparently consider private companies as being okay for U.S. military to be housed in - that appeared on 9/11 in those cities.

Bell Corporation "US West" had a subsidiary known as Southern Multimedia Communications, Inc. and they in turn had a subsidiary known as GSC based in Atlanta, Georgia starting in the 90's. Well, guess what happened in that period just before Mitre (remember close ties to AT&T communications monopoly) was publishing their exploding WTC report?


November, 1994: Franchise Agreement between the City of Atlanta, Georgia a Municipal Corporation and GCTV Sub 2 Corporation

Correct, Atlanta was selling its broadcast channels to the AT&T operation and replacing their lines with "interactive" fiber-optic cables. Allow me to speculate that this would probably govern how CNN would be transmitting their information, and make Denver, Colorado, hundreds of miles away, responsible for the official City of Atlanta channels.

Next, just after 9/11, in December of 2001, the First Amendment to that Franchise Agreement stated that the ownership of this company would be transfered to AT&T fully, based in Pennsylvania. This was followed the next year in December 2002 by Change of Control Agreement by and among the City of Atlanta, Georgia Media One Colorado, Inc. and AT&T Comcast Corporation showing us that indeed Colorado had been working with Atlanta on their broadcasts during 9/11.

(All three documents can be viewed at the official City of Atlanta corporation's home page: http://www.atlantaga.gov/mayor/telecomm ... agree.aspx )

Through 9/11, perhaps the technological monopoly over communication lines was re-enabled. I'd bet some AT&T folks connected to the neocon aspects of our intelligence services were mighty sore when they had to break up their universal wire-tapping mechanisms into different companies in the 80's. Perhaps Atlanta's early shadow of under-the-table corporate support for an attempt at undoing the antitrust ruling was rewarded by certain interests connected to the pro-monopoly Federal Reserve. How convenient for them that some early business for the 9/11 preparation should all take place in one city.

Should we see if we can get public documents of who was staying at the Omni Hotel At CNN Center during these "transition" periods?

Incidentally, if you remember the TinaCart video it is the same matrix angle as the Robert Clark shot and the Wolfgang Staehle shot. They are compared here. That is three "lucky" - oh who are we kidding at this point? - planned and directed compositions including the US West Bell logo on the virtual version of the same building in these simulated "plane attacks" - sick and twisted product placement/signature?


You can see it in the youtube tinacart video more closely and confirm for yourself it is the corporate bell logo on that SimCity building:

If you can stomach the fakeness at this point.


According to wickedpedia, "Solomon Trujillo worked as President, chairman and CEO of U S WEST Communications, Inc. from 1995 to 2000", just after the 1991-1994 potentially controlling move of Denver's on Atlanta, home of CNN, and in "November 2000, he became chairman and CEO of Graviton, remaining until that startup closed."

What was Graviton doing on 9/11? Well, probably the same thing they were doing immediately after 9/11:

LA JOLLA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 29, 2001

New Technology Gives Utilities 24/7 Monitoring Capability
To Detect Equipment Performance Problems,
Monitor Remote Facilities and Improve Security

Graviton, Inc., today introduced innovative wireless monitoring services that give utilities unprecedented ability to remotely and continuously monitor the status and maintain the security of their transmission and distribution assets.

I don't suppose electricity has anything to do with data flow. Oh, well. At least Graviton and Solomon Trujillo have absolutely nothing to do with the Bell phone system and...

the Central Intelligence Agency are both known for their strong interest in managing information.

So it should come as no surprise that longtime Bell veteran Sol Trujillo is joining a CIA-funded wireless networks company, La Jolla, Calif.-based Graviton, as its chief executive.

The small start-up was among the first to receive funding from the CIA's new venture capital arm, In-Q-Tel, which has a name that the United States' top spy agency admits is designed to invoke the memory of James Bond's favorite tinkerer, Q.

Let's see... isn't that the very same In-Q-Tel associated with the satellite and virtual city technology we've already postulated as the source of 9/11's Sim-New York feeds? How about that! It gets "better" and more obvious ...

Trujillo, 48, was recruited by Graviton director Brook Byers of the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, another Graviton partner. Other investors include Qualcomm, Siemens and Sun Microsystems.

Graviton is developing a wireless data networking system that will incorporate sensors notifying users of useful information. The company says the technology, which incorporates Qualcomm's Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), has multiple commercial purposes.

For example, Coca-Cola has partnered with Graviton to equip soft drink machines that measure flow levels and adjust the syrup mix. Siemens hopes Graviton can improve security systems for commercial and residential buildings. Other partners hope to better monitor manufacturing and construction machinery, utilities equipment and even consumer appliances such as gas ovens.

In-Q-Tel is a bit more coy regarding how it might use a wireless data network. The company doesn't discuss the specific nature of the projects it funds, but insists that the research not only works to solve the agency's most vexing problems but also leads to commercial advancements.

http://news.cnet.com/Former-US-West-CEO ... 48674.html

This article was written in November 2000. Cue Beethoven? Or more yawn yawn they told us so a long time ago and we are just now getting to it?
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Unread post by hoi.polloi »

This thread is for posting about corporations, groups and institutions that certainly invented their employees who died, and may have - themselves - been fabricated specifically to house the fake dead.

Simulations of corporations are nothing new in the world of underground crime. How often have you heard of a "moving fan" holding FBI eavesdroppers or a gang of house-robbers scouting a neighborhood? It's called a front and the most effective fronts are protected in some way by a legitimate or socially accepted cover that makes for a good alibi. It's called a disposable disguise.

Consider a School which invents a club specifically to hold the story of a simulated person who never existed. The school itself is an accredited institution that really gives college credit recognized by corporations and institutions; but the club is a front and disposable disguise for criminal activity perpetuated by authorities within the school, with a file on how to disavow it should people start snooping close to their lies.

This would put those authorities in the position of criminal suspect in the 9/11 fairy tale. And it would either:

1. Make them less culpable for the crime when they reveal information about how it happened upon a public investigation


2. Make them more culpable for the crime when they enact their cover-up procedures upon a public investigation

At the end of the Vicsim Report, I have listed the groups who have defended the existence of these simulated persons and who are therefore guilty at the very least of perjury and at the worst, war crimes against humanity for forwarding traitorous disinformation resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in foreign countries.

Make no mistake; these companies are not innocent until proven guilty - the people inside are. But corporations themselves do not and should not have human rights.

Therefore, we certainly have a case against the institutions that would, if I were in their shoes, get me confessing to everything I'd done and get a good position should a true investigation cause their institution to collapse before their eyes. Involvement in this is a very filthy, very unseemly thing. And my recommendation to any group or person who finds out that their boss or colleague is covering up for the murder and criminal homicide of a false foreign enemy is that they get a lawyer, arrange a good position for themselves and report it. The authorities in general do not support this kind of activity but they were pressured into it. If you apply your good standing as a citizen, my guess is that you are certainly protected by all manner of local and public law, and future generations will thank you for your efforts.

I already talked about IBM Federal, Sun and Oracle computer corporations, AT&T and US West and their connection to the criminal bases US StratCom and US NorthCom as well as CNN. NORAD's Ed Eberhart needs some serious interrogation and the Bush and Clinton crime families should be permanently kicked out of our great nation. The news networks, CameraPlanet, Pump it Out, and Rothschild-influenced Associated Press and Reuters need not even be mentioned at this point, being the main sources of the entire 9/11 propaganda. Obviously, American Airlines and United Airlines are also involved (the latter being tied to Bush crime family via Marvin Bush.)

But now let's talk about the companies in the WTC and how they were militarily compartmentalized enough to be involved, once all these big boys lied to them that it was "all going to be okay."

How do they cover for the simployees (simulated employees) and vicsims (simulated victims)? Which are allegedly involved with simmads (fake terrorists) and which companies are protecting the WTC companies' positions?

E.g.; "Sun Microsystems was purchased by Oracle. Both support the reported Oracle and Sun vicsims."

E.g.; "UBS Swiss Bank supports the existence of multiple sims at other banks supposedly in the WTC, as well as there being many stories of their taking over Enron accounts when the Enron scandal blew up."
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Unread post by hoi.polloi »

Okay, I'll start. :)

Here's an article about a case where an employee who dared question the Lord Ruler of Cantor Fitzgerald's London office was met with screaming insults, told he would be broken in two and a host of other indignities. The man was apparently fired in June 2000, in time to be dismissed for not falling in line for the boss' confirmation of 9/11 vicsims a year or so later.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/engl ... 112899.stm

"He demonstrated by his outbursts that he had lost faith in him and gave him no chance to re-establish the trust and confidence which would recreate the 'faith'.

'Deep-rooted problems'

"His solution seems to have been to frighten the claimant into performing according to the standards he required and to make it plain that any contrary view which questioned his authority would not be tolerated."

Outside court Mr Horkulak said: "I launched this action so that Lee Amaitis and Cantor Fitzgerald would be held accountable for what they had done to me.

"The court has said whatever the environment, however rich and powerful the boss, whatever the rewards, there are standards below which no employer should go."

A stretch, to be sure, as Mister Horkulak might defend the existence of vicsims across the ocean if asked. However, I wonder if he might - given his at least publicly contrary position to the company - have anything to say about how easy it would have been for such an authoritarian madman to set up a fake company so that his perfect virtual employees wouldn't question him?
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Unread post by MartinL »

Mr. Amaitis played a key role in the recovery of Cantor Fitzgerald and eSpeed after the devastation on September 11, 2001 and in the re-building of its voice brokerage business, which became BGC and was separated from Cantor Fitzgerald in 2004.

This is the self-proclaimed "tough guy" Lee Amaitis.

Image Image

He is also a lobbyist for Cantor in Nevada now:
http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Lobbyist/rep ... Session=75

Mr. Amaitis is a strong supporter of various charities around the world and is actively involved with a number of fund raising events. Mr. Amaitis recently became a Trustee on the Board of the St. Paul's Cathedral Foundation, a charity that raises funds for, and make grants to, the Cathedral for its maintenance, restoration, repair and conservation and the furtherance of its educational and musical work.In the United States, he is on the board of the Boomer Esiason Foundation, a charity devoted to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis, and has involved the Wall Street community in the Foundation's fund raising events. Mr. Amaitis is also an ambassador for The Shane Warne Foundation in Australia, which distributes monies to a number of registered charities worldwide.
- Does this involve Memorial Scams?

When Cantor Fitzgerald spun off its trading technology company, eSpeed in an initial public offering in December 1999, Mr. Amaitis became Executive Managing Director of eSpeed's international operations. Mr. Amaitis served as eSpeed's Vice Chairman, until its merger with BGC Partners in 2008.

Howard W. Lutnick was Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of eSpeed up until Apr. 1, 2008, when BGC merged with eSpeed to form BGC Partners, Inc.


eSpeed lost 180 of its employees and its global headquarters in downtown New York City in the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. Two days later, eSpeed handled the majority of the volume when bond trading resumed in the U.S.

He guided the rebuilding of Cantor following the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 658 of the company’s 960 New York-based employees.

He is a member of the board of managers of Haverford College, the board of directors of the Zachary and Elizabeth M. Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research at Rockefeller University, the executive committee of the Intrepid Museum Foundation’s Board of Directors, the board of directors of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, and the board of trustees of the Solomon Guggenheim Museum Foundation.

He received the Department of the Navy’s Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest honor granted by the Navy to non-military personnel.

Mmmmmm...accolades. He has also been a participant at the World Economic Forum 2008 and 2009. http://www.muckety.com/Howard-W-Lutnick/15322.muckety

4.9 Million Of Cantor Net To Be Shared By Survivors
According to Howard W. Lutnick, Cantor's chairman, about 900,000 of the 4.9 million will be used to provide health insurance to families, fianc?s and fianc?es, and longtime partners. Checks for the rest, about 6,000 for each family, will be sent out Feb. 26, he said. ''That is just the way we said it would work,'' Mr. Lutnick said yesterday.

An additional 4 million will be distributed, as one-time gifts, to the families of the 128 employees of Cantor's equity division who died in the attacks, said Philip Marber, president and chief executive of that unit.
http://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/13/busin ... ivors.html

Who are able to get into their bank accounts and find out where this money went?

Howard Lutnick's Second Life
He's embarrassed, but wants to show me to the next room, in which he has created a shrine to his brother. There are huge color photos of Howard and happy-go-lucky Gary, arms around each other's shoulders, horsing around. There's a plaque on the wall of a 1998 Westchester golf tournament, with a photo of Howard and Gary and Stuart Fraser and Doug Gardner. "Two out of four," he says. "Two out of four of us are dead."
http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/sept11/fe ... ndex3.html

Here are 4 lucky people!

Howard Lutnick began that morning playing with his two sons, turning his shaving ritual into a giggling, messy spectator sport with shaving cream all over the bathroom. Instead of going straight to work, he and Allison were taking Kyle to his first day of kindergarten.

Meanwhile, out in Queens, his secretary, Maryann Burns, the world's most punctual woman, drove to the Bayside train station and couldn't find a space to park. She ran for her train and missed it by a minute.

Stuart Fraser had cut back on his work week earlier in the year, coming in to the World Trade Center only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Those mornings, he always joined his brother-in-law Eric Sand at 7:30 a.m. at his desk on the 105th floor for a bagel and coffee. But an Australian investor, flying in to discuss a personal project involving canoe camps, had asked to switch their September 10 meeting to September 11, and to do it out of the office. So Fraser was at home in Armonk that morning, waiting to go to his appointment.

Dave Kravette was at his desk on the 105th floor at 7:30 a.m., preparing for the arrival of clients scheduled to come up at 8 a.m. When they called to say they were running late, he reminded them they needed photo I.D. to get into the building -- the rule since the 1993 terrorist attack -- so he was not amused when security rang shortly before 8:40 a.m. to say that one of the guys hadn't brought a license and needed an escort.

"I take the elevator down, take 30 steps towards the guys waiting at the desk, and say, 'Which one of you knuckleheads forgot his I.D.?' and then I hear this high, screaming sound -- the elevators are crashing. I see this huge fireball. It's the jet fuel on fire, coming right at me. People are being absorbed and incinerated by it. I think I'm dying, I can't move. And then it suddenly sucked back in itself. All I felt was a heat wave. Then we started running."
http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/sept11/fe ... ndex3.html

:rolleyes: I will have to find out if these other people are real or not...

Kravette , a 10-year company veteran, Managing Director at eSpeed , was in the lobby of the Trade Center's north tower with customers when the first plane hit below his 105th-floor office.He chokes up when discussing his near-death experience, and remembering those who weren't as lucky.
http://www.zoominfo.com/people/Kravette ... 22236.aspx here is more from Steven Warran: http://stevenwarran-backstage.blogspot. ... notes.html

It just might be that the Americans most able to move on from the events of September 11 are the men and women of Cantor Fitzgerald who lived through them.

http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/co ... 000077.htm - This article is so jampacked I will make a new post just investigating the people mentioned here.

So... this post got a little bit out of hand, next time I will try to compose a better post

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Unread post by MartinL »

National September 11 Memorial & Museum (most obvious shill-hangout)

National September 11 Memorial & Museum Board of Directors:

Virginia Samaras Bauer is the Senior Vice President of Development for Covenant House International. Ms. Bauer leads all development from major gifts, corporations, and grants.

http://www.national911memorial.org/site ... bout_Bauer

On September 11, 2001, Ms. Bauer lost her husband, David Bauer, the head of global sales for Cantor Fitzgerald, in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. She became a key activist on behalf of the families of the 9/11 victims, working closely with Congressional leaders and the White House toward the successful enactment of 9/11 victim legislation in 2002.

In 2007, Ms. Bauer was appointed by New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine to serve on the Board of Commissioners for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Ms. Bauer is a former financial planning and account management executive with Merrill Lynch. From 2004 until 2007, Ms. Bauer served as Commerce Secretary for the State of New Jersey.

Bauer remarried in October 2007; her husband is Donald A. Steckroth (b. 1947), a widower and a judge in the United States Bankruptcy Court.

Donald Steckroth lost his wife GERALDINE "DEANIE" F. STECKROTH January 17, 2003. "She is survived by her husband, Donald Steckroth of Little Silver; two daughters and a son-in-law". Memorial donations may be made to The Yellow Rose Foundation, 3 Holly Drive, Little Silver 07739.
http://atlanticville.gmnews.com/news/20 ... obituaries

Might just be a coincidence, but both have lost their "mates" and remarried... and there is 3 children from each marriage...

On a sidenote, Rothchild was named Bauer earlier - so she might be in the "bloodline". ...?

W. David Bauer: head of global sales for eSpeed, Cantor Fitzgerald

No picture at CNN: http://edition.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2001/me ... /1893.html
One comment at CNN from Charles K. Gonzales, former VP, eSpeed, Tokyo.

* Vice President at Merrill Lynch
* Senior Program Manager at JPMorgan
* Vice President at Cantor Fitzgerald

Legacy.com has one picture of "David": http://www.legacy.com/Sept11/Story.aspx?PersonID=96006

"Davids" "sister" Heidi Bauer-Pollard has left comments on the memorial pages:
http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=Heidi ... 3571529..1 ?

There is no grave on findagrave: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cg ... id=&GSob=n

The closest hit on the SSDI is this:
Born 26 Mar 1953 Dead: 22 Jul 2001 (Pittsburg, Contra Costa, CA)
http://ssdi.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-b ... D&start=81

Simon, D.duck, Hoi and others... please let me know if u want me to end this rambling. I feel like I am getting a bit out of hand here, at the same time I am thinking that we need all info we can get on these people. Please advice me about further posting! :)
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Unread post by MartinL »

Lutnick's mafia tendencies:

After graduation, Lutnick joined Cantor, one of the world's largest bond-trading firms. Friends and co-workers became his surrogate family. Lutnick was named president at 29 and became known on Wall Street for being outspoken and not afraid to play hardball. Five years later, as founder B. Gerald Cantor lay dying in a hospital, Lutnick sought to have him declared mentally incompetent. Lutnick took control of the firm after a nasty court battle with the founder's wife, who refused to let Lutnick come to her husband's funeral.

http://www.usatoday.com/money/covers/20 ... covmon.htm
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Unread post by MartinL »

Cantor Fitzgerald/ eSpeed "survivors":

Mr. Matthew W. Claus
Chief Technology Officer
eSpeed , Inc.

http://www.zoominfo.com/Search/PersonIm ... _image.gif
http://www.zoominfo.com/Search/PersonDe ... =124808842

"Maryann Burns, Lutnick's administrative assistant on 9/11." (Bussinesweek)
Image: http://img340.imageshack.us/img340/8123 ... burnsn.png
http://www.sifma.net/newsletters/2002/bmn502.pdf (Page 5, number 2 from left)

Heidi Olson, now chief administrative officer for equities (Businessweek)
No pictures of her found, but some "newsstories" like this one:
“We are extremely proud of Natasha, as she has risen through the ranks of leading analysts over the years to become #1,” said Heidi Olson, Chief Administrative Officer Equity Capital Markets and Director of Research at Cantor Fitzgerald
http://www.cantor.com/press_releases/Ca ... rmine.html
''Everything we ever took for granted was gone,'' Ms. Olson said. ''So I just did whatever had to be done. It is like being a mom -- in that spiritual sense of doing whatever is needed for the good of the family.''
http://www.nytimes.com/2001/11/02/busin ... gewanted=2

Chris Crosby, was out fishing on 9/11.
Head of Corporate Technology, SVP at Cantor Fitzgerald/eSpeed, Inc
Database Administrator at Greenwich Capital Markets, Programmer/Desktop Support at Chase Manhattan Private Bank

Amy Nauiokas, "failed to get out of bed-Senior Managing Director at Cantor fitzgerald"

* Founder at Nauiokas Park LLP
* CEO at Barclays Stockbrokers
* Head of Global eCommerce at Barclays Capital
* Senior Managing Director at Cantor fitzgerald

"It's important for us to tell the story of why we went back to work. The only people who can do it are the ones who lived it," explains Amy Nauiokas, senior vice president of global marketing, who missed the attack by minutes after running late for work.

Stephen Merkel, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary Cantor

Mr. Merkel has been Executive Managing Director, General Counsel and Secretary of Cantor since December 2000 and was Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Cantor from May 1993 to December 2000. Prior to joining Cantor, Mr. Merkel was Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of Goldman Sachs & Co. from February 1990 to May 1993.
Stephen Merkel was on a different elevator on the lobby level when the plane hit. Merkel was physically unharmed but recognizes how close he came to a different outcome. "What I learned was that I had the capacity to shut down emotionally and just work, and that might not be the best trait for a husband, a father, or a friend, but for what we had to do, it was necessary."

Harry Waizer, 9/11 "victim" who didn't die.
Image Image Image Image
Waizer was in an elevator high in the North Tower when the plane struck. Flames ignited inside the car and he was badly burned on his body and face and in his throat. Now he's back at the firm working three days a week for General Counsel Stephen Merkel's legal team.
Linkedin.com lists Weizer as being a member of Westchester Jewish Conference. Organizations who are members here include: ADL, AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, Zionist Organization of America.

This might be worthy of a new thread: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/10/nyreg ... wanted=all

"It just might be that the Americans most able to move on from the events of September 11 are the men and women of Cantor Fitzgerald who lived through them."
- Bussinesweek, 11. September 2006.

USA TODAY, 05/27/2002.
Is it OK for the hardest-hit corporate victim of Sept. 11 to create an ad campaign around the tragedy?

Cantor Fitzgerald, the bond trading firm that lost 658 employees at the World Trade Center, finds out starting Tuesday as it launches its first major ad campaign since the attacks.

The TV and print ads -- featuring real employees relating their Sept. 11 stories -- are designed to boost business at Cantor and eSpeed, drive visitors to a new company Web site and pay tribute to dead colleagues.

All of them tell stories of changing the channel or leaving a room when 9/11 gets brought up. Sometimes it feels as if there's no escape.
Poor souls...

I'll try to add all Cantor Fitzgerald "survivors" to this post later.
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Unread post by ozzybinoswald »

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Unread post by fbenario »

hoi.polloi 4 Apr 10 2010, 06:36 AM wrote:
I have listed the groups ... who are therefore guilty at the very least of perjury and at the worst, war crimes against humanity for forwarding traitorous disinformation resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives in foreign countries.

Make no mistake; these companies are not innocent until proven guilty - the people inside are. But corporations themselves do not and should not have human rights.

This says it all - 'war crimes against humanity'.

We've somehow GOT to get all the American sheeple comfortable with thinking of their 'own' institutions and governments in these terms. Unfortunately, America thinks terms like this describe only the foreign bad guys, and of course could never describe us. 'We' just don't do bad things.
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Unread post by hoi.polloi »

Looking good, MartinL.

On a sidenote, Rothchild was named Bauer earlier - so she might be in the "bloodline". ...?

Regarding royal/incestuous ties, it is also interesting to note that for a brief time, the post-Saddam "leader" of Iraq came right out of Marsh - the company said to have been "struck by an airplane" (New Official Conspiracy Theory for the Perp-It-Out folks to mull over: All the hot air emanating from Marsh's employees must have sufficiently weakened their floors' steel walls of the WTC.)

I wonder if we can gather all of these happy little coinkeedinks as time goes on.

eSpeed lost 180 of its employees and its global headquarters in downtown New York City in the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. Two days later, eSpeed handled the majority of the volume when bond trading resumed in the U.S.

That's an interesting bit of trivia anyway if it's true! Does this mean in some way that eSpeed gained economic "territory" in the form of stock market management?

Holy crap! A "Cantor employee" that actually looks vaguely like a real individual captured by real photographic equipment! :blink: (Yeah, that's a freebee to the 9/11 fakery team - try going back and making any of the vicsims submitted to the CNN Bullshit Index of Fake Folk look remotely this polished).

Oz, that Nike commercial isn't very ordinary, is it? I am trying to read into it but all I get is that they are trying to really make a story around him and parasitically suck attention into the Nike symbol. Is this Woods character beholden to Nike, do you think? He sure acts like it.
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Unread post by hoi.polloi »

JP Morgan Chase
This group ... nasty fellers. Known Masonic fiddling. Profits from: Boston rum, that rum used on Banker slave ships as commission and lure to rob African tribes of the first shipments of African slaves that begun with the colonies, slavery, the Civil War, two "World Wars" (maybe "Intra-European Wars"), 'Nam, and 9/11 ... just to start.

Vicsims tied to JP Morgan or Chase Bank Manhattan include:
John C. Willett (no.1735 just above Sir McIlvaine on the vicsim list.)
comment from "friends at JP Morgan Chase"

Dean P. Eberling (no. 2561)
with the ridiculous comment from sim-friend:
Though we only worked for a short while when we both worked for Merill Lynch, I admired your expertise in your field. We met up again when I was working for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter about 6 or 7 years ago. Thank you for acknowledging me as I spotted you in the executive floor; you were interviewing for a position. You will be missed.
- "Judith Pena, co-worker"

Boyie Mohammed (no. 3178)
Of Carr Futures, with another stupid comment referencing friends at "Dean Witter, now Morgan Stanley"

6 Official Morgan Stanley WTC vicsims:
Lindsay Coates Herkness III (no. 3404)
Wesley Mercer (no. 4055)
Jennifer DeJesus (no. 4291)
Nolbert Salomon (no. 4334)
Charles Laurencin (no. 4409)
Albert Joseph (no. 4474)

and - just to be sure - an official Chase Bank WTC vicsim with no apparent residence:
Eduardo Hernandez (no. 4034)
4034.html (Eduardo's page) did not show up on my initial gathering of the CNN list, but did appear a couple weeks later.


Thusfar, we have an expected entanglement of companies - Morgan Stanley being linked by tradition to JP Morgan and by the SimNarrative to Carr Futures and Dean Witter. That'll not only keep sims related; it'll keep pressure on those who try to break free from the web. The differences between the companies should be distinguished for research purposes, I suppose.

Our friend "Rick" was already fairly extensively covered in the Memorial Scams thread, I believe, and quite rightly given how CHA-CHING heroic he is for his keepers/storytellers. I must add one little detail to his profitable and lucrative official story that must be told because this aspect of his heroism so often goes unmentioned: Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 opened in theaters with Rick Rescorla's pre-humous video warning of "islamic terrorism" threatening him and all he held dear within the WTC! Quite a pair of propaganda peddlers, those two films working in concert! Regarding the official six of two-thousand seven-hundred, all of them had had to practice emergency evacuation procedures according to Morgan's and Michael Moore's Rescue Ranger Rick Rescorla page:

Rescorla recommended to his superiors at Morgan Stanley that the company leave Manhattan. Office space and labor costs were lower in New Jersey, and the firm's employees and equipment would be safer in a proposed four-story building. However, this recommendation was not followed as the company's lease at the World Trade Center did not terminate until 2006. At Rescorla's insistence, all employees, including senior executives, then practiced emergency evacuations every three months.[citation needed]
Citation indeed! :lol: Oh, wickedpedia, you have such high standards. How will anyone pass your bar of informational correctness? I'll start by citing you for this lovely tidbit about old Morgan Stanley's misspelled memorial imagery for their main man "Rick Rescrola" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Rescorla )

I propose a replacement plaque:
Rest righteously, our rambunctiously rescue recommending Rescue Ranger Richard! - ruv arr of us at Morgan Stanrey
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I'd like to nominate 'UBS' Swiss Bank as possibly having high-profile involvement in the 9/11 hoax and subsequent cover-up. This is because although it does not appear as a company in the Big Vicsim list, there are links to it from the vicsims -- such as Loris Centola -- there is the strange and thusfar inexplicable report of EP Heidner (whatever that 'research' is from) and because of the proximity of 9/11 to the Enron fiasco. And it is true that UBS took over Enron files.
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SIMSCRIPT is a free-form, English-like general-purpose simulation language conceived by Harry Markowitz and Bernard Hausner at the RAND Corporation in 1963. It was implemented as a Fortran preprocessor on the IBM 7090 and was designed for large discrete event simulations.


Connected to private military companies Rand, L3 Communications and CACI international (Abu Ghraib torture firm).

SIMSCRIPT II.5 is the latest incarnation of SIMSCRIPT, one of the oldest computer simulation languages. Although military contractor CACI released it in 1971, it still enjoys wide use in large-scale military and air-traffic control simulations.
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All roads lead to RAND


I encourage all to get familiar with the RAND corporation and its personages.
They seem to be a jolly collection of war-obsessed psychopaths:

Notable RAND participants
Over the last 60 years, more than 30 Nobel Prize winners have been involved or associated with the RAND Corporation at some point in their careers.

(my personal selection of 'notable' RAND folks):

Henry H. Arnold -- General, United States Air Force -- RAND founder
Harold L. Brode -- physicist, leading nuclear weapons effects expert
Bernard Brodie -- Military strategist and nuclear architect
Samuel Cohen -- inventor of the neutron bomb in 1958
James F. Digby -- American Military Strategist, author of first treatise on precision guided munitions 1949 - 2007
Stephen H Dole -- Author of the pivotal book Habitable Planets for Man"
Donald Wills Douglas, Sr. -- President, Douglas Aircraft Company -- RAND founder
Daniel Ellsberg -- leaker of the Pentagon Papers
Francis Fukuyama -- academic and author of The End of History and the Last Man
Brian Michael Jenkins -- terrorism expert, Senior Advisor to the President of the RAND Corporation, and author of Unconquerable Nation
Herman Kahn -- theorist on nuclear war and one of the founders of scenario planning
Henry Kissinger-- United States Secretary of State (1973?1977); National Security Advisor (1969?1975); Nobel Peace Prize Winner (1973)
Lewis "Scooter" Libby -- Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff
Andrew W. Marshall -- military strategist, director of the US DoD Office of Net Assessment
Douglas Merrill -- Former Google CIO & President of EMI's digital music division
Condoleezza Rice -- former intern, former trustee (1991?1997), and former Secretary of State for the United States
Donald Rumsfeld -- Chairman of Board from 1981?1986; 1995?1996 and Secretary of Defense for the United States from 1975 to 1977 and 2001 to 2006.
James Schlesinger -- former Secretary of Defense and former Secretary of Energy
James Steinberg -- Deputy National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton
Albert Wohlstetter -- Mathematician and Cold-War Strategist
Roberta Wohlstetter -- Policy analyst and military historian

Former members of the RAND board include: Walter Mondale, Condoleezza Rice, Brent Scowcroft, Carl Bildt, Donald Rumsfeld, ...etc

As a Norwegian, ( the Nobel Peace Prize being a Norwegian thing) I am deeply embarassed and 'apologize to the World' for this:

Henry Kissinger-- Nobel Peace Prize Winner (1973)
Barack Obama - Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2009)
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