The notion of 'thousands of victims' was crucial to generate universal public outrage. However, having 3000 angry families breathing down their necks was never part of the perps' demented plan. Our ongoing analyses and investigations suggest that NO one died on 9/11.
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Unread post by SmokingGunII » Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:57 pm

Simon - as one of the first to make the connection between Olsen & Bracher at 911m - here's one I made earlier.


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Unread post by simonshack » Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:54 pm

Yeah, that's a creepy gif, Smokey...

Look, I have to thank Phil Jayhan from the "Let's Roll" forum for making a post including the two guys below.
It seems those planehuggers are catching on the Vicsim issue...ain't that good news?

A 1-0-1 example of morphing technology:

Clifford L. Patterson___ Ronald D. Milam
Image Image

Note the identical blue backdrops and collars of
the two distinct, unrelated "9/11 victims". Same
skin color & texture, same lighting. The only changes
are some facial features, shapes and widths.

Here's a link to that "Let's Roll" thread:
http://letsrollforums.com/911-disturbin ... 279p3.html

Perhaps the time has come to reconsider (veerryyy carefully) the sincereness of a few, select other research forums we have often overlooked (since the vast majority are of course perp-controlled). The bottom line is: More and more people are WAKING UP - and that just can't be bad ! ;)

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Unread post by simonshack » Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:30 pm


THE VICSIMS - a crucial pretext for endless wars
by Simon Shack - April 2010

The victims of 9/11: Fictitious, digital identities generated out of a computer database. This is a contention, based on analysis of the 9/11 memorials, that has not been credibly/nor legally challenged, to this day, by a single person representing any of the purported “3000" families.

It would appear, in fact, that many other major “terrorist attacks” attributed to “Al-Qaeda” follow a similar pattern. The rationale behind this should emerge, after due consideration, in all its transparent logic: no mass murders of western citizens are required to sell the phony “War on Terror” to the public. Naturally, killing civilians “at home” is highly undesirable to the war-mongering rascals of this world. Does this exonerate them in any way from their criminal deeds? Certainly not. How can they be stopped? The first step is called ‘awareness’. It is high time for the public to understand the depth of the rampant corruption infesting our so-called “democratically-elected” governments. The second step is: ignore the mainstream media - & switch off your TV sets. The third step is: reach out for the finest souls in the military and tell them they are welcome back home to serve the people - to carry out domestic and peaceful tasks.

So why was it crucial for the 9/11 planners to simulate "3000 victims"?

Let us imagine reading this news report on September 11, 2001: “This morning, at 6:00 AM, terrorists bombed the WTC towers which immediately collapsed. Fortunately, the towers were empty and no one was hurt.” Of course, this would have generated much outrage towards the evil terrorist acts. Yet, would this have traumatized world opinion to such a degree as to allow instant retaliations and massive bombing-raids in foreign countries? No. The fake war on terror crucially needs victims - or more precisely - perceived victims. In fact, it fully relies on myths of civilian, western blood.

Psyops and false-flag operations are nothing else but myth-building propaganda acts. And, as the very word implies, an “act” can be staged. When you control a vast infrastructure comprised of key government bureaus, top military brass and mainstream media moguls, you don’t have to kill people for real. It would be much preferable to make up these people up from scratch. You might throw into the pot a few samples of real, alternatively disappearing persons (mock deaths), just to make your deception plot harder to figure out. But you wouldn’t want to have a horde of angry families and their lawyers with the potential clout to bust the whole scheme apart. No, you wouldn’t want one of those. Let alone three thousand.

An overwhelming body of evidence (and plain common sense ) suggests that the WTC towers were empty as they were professionally demolished behind a thick smokescreen. Electromagnetic counter-measures ensured that no one was able to operate video cameras on that morning. This was no mass murder scheme - only a massive money scam and, of course, a pretext for wars of aggression. Without casualties, the 9/11 psyop would not have caused the outrage it was designed to generate. Countless indications suggest that most ? or, more logically all ? of the alleged victims were but fictitious identities. Henceforth, we should always refer to those entities as “the Vicsims” ? a perfect neologism coined by Hoi Polloi, author of the Vicsim Report which he wrote while visiting me in the second part of 2009.

Ever since day one, the major hurdle for many people to even start considering 9/11 being an “inside job” has been: “I can’t believe my own government would murder 3,000 of their own people”. Once this psychological obstacle is removed, it should become apparent that the whole operation consisted essentially of a covert demolition of a redundant, asbestos-filled building complex. To kill thousands of people in the process never was an envisaged proposition ? especially, since it would have encountered severe resistance among the insiders involved. The second objective was to blame this destruction on a foreign enemy. To this end, an outlandish tale involving hijacked airliners was scripted and orchestrated, supported by (cheap) digital imagery and special movie effects.


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Unread post by brianv » Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:52 am

Major Perp


Sonia Morales Puopolo, 58, of Dover, Massachusetts, was the wife of School of Medicine's Board of Visitor member, Dominic Puopolo. She was a former ballerina and patron of the arts. Besides her husband, she leaves her children Dominic, 35; Mark Anthony, 29; and Tita, 28. Puopolo was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11.


Sonia Tita Puopolo holds a picture of her mother, Sonia Mercedes Morales Puopolo, who died aboard Flight 11 in the Sept. 11 terror attacks. The daughter is wearing her mother’s ring, found in the wreckage.

http://www.bostonherald.com/news/region ... id=1118317

Google Sonia Tita >>




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Unread post by D.Duck » Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:34 pm


Can a picture be more photo shopped then that? Poor Sonia has her right boob crushed by Kermits shoulder, hmmm nice.


And who the hell is this? another Sonia? http://www.sawfnews.com/lifestyle/7472.aspx

Sonia Tita Puopolo
? AFP Hassan Ammar

It seems there are many Sonias out there cos her pictures dont add up.



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Unread post by brianv » Thu Jul 29, 2010 6:56 pm


SONIAPUOPOLO.COM was created 9/16/01 - Presumably her indestrucable ring had been recovered.

Record expires on 16-Sep-2014
Record created on 16-Sep-2001
Database last updated on 12-Jun-2006


Registrant: Alexander, Aby


Administrative Contact :
Alexander, Aby
Phone: 617 494 0039
Fax: 617 494 5041

Technical Contact :
Alexander, Aby
99 POND AVE APT 404 BROOKLINE, MA 02445-7117 US
Phone: 508-292-3534
Fax: 617-323-9609

Props to Amanda Reconwith over on 911booger.com, interesting read!


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Unread post by brianv » Fri Jul 30, 2010 12:05 am

Sonia's book comes out in August. Note to self - Keep out of Bookstores for next few weeks to avoid unseeming vomiting incident!


Hey meet Ken her award winning author sidekick. Her Bosley one might say :-)



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Unread post by simonshack » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:44 am



Charles Hirsch - New York Chief Medical Examiner

This is an Associated Press report dated Dec. 4, 2001 - nearly three months after 9/11.
The New York Chief Medical Examiner, Charles Hirsch, theorizes about the puzzling scarcity of bodies found in the WTC rubble:

WTC Victims may Have Been ‘Vaporized’By Richard Pyle - Associated Press - Tuesday, December 4, 2001; 2:21 PM

NEW YORK - Three months after the World Trade Center attack, victims' families are being forced to face the ghastly possibility that many of the dead were "vaporized," as Chief Medical Examiner Charles Hirsch put it, and may never be identified. So far, fewer than 500 victims have been positively identified out of the roughly 3,000 feared dead. Sixty were identified solely through DNA. The city and state have allowed victims' families to obtain death certificates without proof of a body, but many families place great importance on an ID based on actual remains.
"Until you have something tangible, you just keep hoping - maybe there'll be some sort of miracle," said Jeanne Maurer, whose 31-year-old daughter, Jill Campbell, is presumed dead. "You can't accept it until you have something. "I still say, 'My daughter's missing,'" Maurer said. Many victims will undoubtedly be identified. Nearly 10,000 body parts have been pulled from the mountains of mangled metal and matchstick-size splinters at ground zero. But Dr. Charles Hirsch, the chief medical examiner, triggered an angry response two weeks ago when he told grieving relatives that many bodies - no one is sure how many - had been "vaporized" and were beyond identification. Hirsch declined to be interviewed. But spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said he meant that bodies were consumed by blazing fuel from the two crashed airliners, or "rendered into dust" when the 1,100-foot skyscrapers collapsed, one concrete slab floor onto another.

Dr. Michael Baden*, the state's chief forensic pathologist and a top expert in the field, said in September that most bodies should be identifiable because the fires - while hot enough to melt steel - did not reach the 3,200-degree, 30-minute level necessary to incinerate a body. Borakove said her office agrees with Baden's calculation - as applied to a full body. "But when the planes hit the buildings, the bodies that were in the planes as well as some of the bodies that were in the buildings were fragmented upon impact, and those fragments burn more quickly," she said.

*Michael Baden is a former NY Chief Medical Examiner. He is a famed forensic pathologist, involved with many high-profile cases: John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, O.J. Simpson, John Belushi, Sid Vicious, Anne Nicole Smith, etc...


So, in other words, Chief Examiner Charles Hirsch was suggesting that a great many victims were “vaporized”, while his illustrious predecessor Michael Baden stated that this was not just not possible. Whom are we, mere mortals, supposed to believe? Or are the two perhaps just staging a dog-and-pony show to uphold the all-important notion (the Greatest 9/11 Lie) that people died in the WTC towers?

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Unread post by simonshack » Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:39 pm



Throughout this long yet fascinating "vicsim" research, I have noticed one particular thing when it comes to wrap our heads around it all (not saying I myself have managed to wrap it all up yet!..). This one thing has to do with the coincidental repetition of given patterns which, as I see it, are quite extraordinary. Yet, many people seem to shove the 'haphazard coincidences' aside - in favor of other oddities which arouse their thinkbone more compellingly. However, I believe no crime investigation can totally ignore issues of 'statistical probability', so allow me to set forth my latest observations.

I have compared and merged two separate listings of the alleged Cantor Fitzgerald victims of 9/11. The 'merging' was necessary as the approx. 360 names of each listing do not always match - don't ask me why! Let us also, for now, ignore the fact that the official Cantor death-toll reported by the media was "658". There is simply no complete listing of those 658 names to be found anywhere on the internet. So, we are dealing here with 2 listings of 360 names of alleged employees of one single company.

http://www.cantorfamilies.com/cantor/js ... .jsp?LNL=A


What strikes me as extraordinary is the amount of identical/similar surnames of employees allegedly working at Cantor Fitzgerald. Moreover, I wonder, just how common is it for pairs of brothers/sisters/cousins to clinch a plum job (and work in the same offices) of a top-notch NY financial company? Out of the approx 360 names listed, we may find as many as 29 groupings of identical surnames (totalling 70 employees). Note that there are such groupings for almost every single letter of the alphabet in the Cantor Fitzgerald 'victim lists'.

ABATE Andrew
ABATE Vincent
(alleged brothers)

ADAMS Donald L.
ADAMS Shannon L.

BURKE Matthew
BURKE Thomas
(no apparent relation - Irish surname)


CAHILL Scott Walker
(no apparent relation /both have fathers called "James"/ Irish surname)

(not common Italian surnames)

COLAIO Stephen
(alleged brothers)

COLEMAN Keith Eugene
COLEMAN Scott Thomas
(alleged brothers)

EGAN Samantha
(apparent sisters- Irish surname)

(wives of cousins Anthony Galante and Giovanni Galante)

(Irish surnames - but 3 of them?))

(apparent brothers)

GARDNER William (Bill)
(no apparent relation)

HOFFMAN Stephen G.
HOFFMAN Michelle
HOFFMAN Frederick J.
(common German surnames - but 4 of them?)

JONES Christopher D.
JONES Donald Thomas
JONES Donald W.
(was Christopher's middle-name also "Donald" ?)

KELLY James J.
KELLY Joseph A.
KELLY Timothy
(common Irish surnames - but 3 of them?)

LYNCH Farrell
LYNCH Michael
LYNCH Sean Patrick
(common Irish surnames - but 4 of them?)

MC CARTHY Justine (ok, perhaps a typo - but on an obituary??)
(common Irish surnames - but 4 of them?)

MONAHAN Franklyn
(Irish surnames)


MURPHY Charles
MURPHY Edward C.
(common Irish surnames - but 4 of them?)

(not exceedingly common Italian surnames)

PEREZ Anthony
PEREZ Angela Susan
(very common latino surnames - both with non-latino first names)

ROSENBAUM Brooke David
ROSENBAUM Sheryl Rosner


SHEA Joseph
SHEA Daniel
(Irish surnames)

SIMON Michael John
SIMON Marianne

THOMPSON Nigel Bruce

VALE Felix A.

I honestly don't think you would find records of even a smalltown school with so many identical names.
Let alone in any prestigious, international company in New York City !

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Unread post by simonshack » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:19 pm


Missing in fiction : The Egan sisters______________Jonathan Briley(THE FALLING MAN)-Missing/Found/Buried

Dang ! We missed the deadline for this year's coolest LOTTERY, folks !!! :P

from Mary Fetchet's VOICES OF SEPTEMBER 11 website :


In closing, I want to remind you that tomorrow - Friday, August 6th is the deadline to submit your name for the lottery to read names at the September 11th commemorative events. Information is included below.

Warm regards,

Mary Fetchet & The VOICES Staff

http://www.voicesofseptember11.org/dev/ ... -2010.html

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Unread post by idschmyd » Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:31 pm

Fine observations, Ozzy. This on Bill Steckman, NBC engineer who copped it in Tower One, is humdrum. He pops up in Postal44's post in the 'institutions' thread.

Vicsim 101, isn’t it? Morphy and simmy at best.

http://www.broadcastersfoundation.org/p ... gazine.pdf The name Steckman gets a mention in the Summer 2005 edition of On The Air, Broadcasters’ Foundation News mag; just his name in a list of ‘[o]ther inductees into the hall of fame’, which includes Walter Cronkite.

http://www.voicesofseptember11.org/dev/ ... 1073874121
Did NBC president Dennis Swanson really put his name to this tribute (Steckman “would take a seemingly useless piece of wood and turn it into a productive toy for his grandchildren”)? The opening line thanks the ladies and gentleman for coming; to where, when? Can’t find another source for it beside ‘voices’. Seems Steckman was another financial parental genius who ‘ironically’ was only working that day on account of his dedication.

Tribute by Dennis Swanson
When I drove up to the Steckman house on Spruce Street in West Hempstead early last week, there were at least 4 American flags that I observed. While inside grieved Barbara, her parents, the Steckman's 5 children ,Donna, Debbie, Deanine, Diana, and young Bill. The four daughters are married. Bill has 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. They range in age from 7 months to 9 years.

Spruce Street, ‘last week’, Dennis himself and even his journey may be real, but Bill’s link to it all? The second clause is disconnected, a touch of nation building and another assertion of sensory experience (‘I observed’), making me think more that both clauses are pure programming. All those names, all those people; they can’t all be faked, can they? Someone in the neighbourhood would notice. Typical 9/11 tribute fare. That’s my take.

ImageMore Des O’Conner here.
Image Less useful in determining Bill’s reality status.
Pics at http://www.wrkl.org/wtc.html

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Unread post by fred » Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:11 pm

I suppose that if one is going to hire a bunch of plants to manipulate public opinion, it's important for the plants to become members of organizations where they can influence many people at once. There's no point in having your plant live a quiet and lonely existence in the middle of nowhere.

Maybe that's why we see so many "evangelical Christians" like Ms Todd Beamer, Scientologists, Musicians, "Patriots", Frat Brothers, Celebrity Mistresses, etc.

Even our celebrity janitor and 9/11 critic William Rodriguez has a background in stage magic working for Camera Planet's Steve Rosenbaum.

The goal is to make sure that everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who was killed or "almost died" on 9/11. Thus every big school needs a teacher whose aunt or uncle was killed, etc.

It looks like they put a lot more effort into the "social" aspects of 9/11 than they did into the visuals themselves. While the fake videos are pretty mickey-mouse, the larger head-fake of controlled "truth organizations" and victims seems highly sophisticated. We got better acting from Jeff Hill than from Mark Humphrey, who is still a step above the crappy graphics we got from "Carmen Taylor" and "Michael Hezarkhani".

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Unread post by hoi.polloi » Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:31 pm

Interesting point.

From this perspective, we should anticipate a final level of conspiracy that they are planning to whip out pretty soon in case the whole confusion comes to a head - and that would be reliance on social networks for people to hear lies about what took place on 9/11 instead of reliance on the news media.

In short, even if we manage to get the media replaced with honest scientists, researchers and journalists or somehow regulated better, it is either:

A. well within the planned goal to "lose" the media to civilian activism, while maintaining power over the more crucial day-to-day networking that actually matters in our lives (AKA community leaders) and if that fails, we will be so engrossed by that time in super-local politics that they can sneak away without fear of reprisal - or perhaps aid a larger government to come take over the bankrupt USA


B. They realized in the early months after 9/11 that their media plan was so horribly contrived and doomed to fail, that they began formulating and focusing on the social network alternative like Jeff Hill, etc. in order to recover some influence. The timing of the arrival of the Loose Change boys would place them suspiciously close to this wave, and there was probably greater investment in the recovery of the 9/11 plan (and its continuation today) than in its initial formulation. (This might have been because of the initial return of investment for the original investors that happened at the time, and was once an effective lure, but now is costing more than it's gaining ...)

The good news is that we have them surrounded; on the one hand, they can't keep running back to their impossible footage and untraceable, fiction-land documentarians. On the other hand, their control of our social networks is limited, and as long as they are questioned/suspected in time, they are catchable.

In situation "A" we might focus on super-local community politics and lure the liars into our communities with feigned tolerance, in order to get information from them and ultimately capture them red-handed lying to our communities. This might lead to successful arrests and trials.

I suppose in situation "B", if we just keep sitting in one place while they run frantically between the dead-ends, we shall eventually narrow their activity down and at least render them grid-locked, if not also make them face authorities.

We seem to be approaching both methods - A in our daily lives and B through social networks like this - easily, and strongly. I think we are gaining on them.

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Unread post by simonshack » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:15 pm


The all-too-frequent-fliers of a planeless plan

by Simon Shack - August 2010

Image"So Real"

No planes crashed on 9/11. No hijackings took place and there were no hijackers. No planes also means that no passengers were flying inside them. No people flew to their death out of the empty WTC towers - since empty buildings do not contain people. Yet, we all fell for the computer imagery aired on TV. Planes? Fliers? No. The only real fliers of that day turned up elsewhere - in the tens of thousands - plastered on the walls of Manhattan.

On the evening of 9/11 all around “Ground Zero”, candle vigils were being held for the “thousands of casualties” while clusters of fliers appeared all over the city walls: xeroxed portraits of men and women with big “MISSING” headings. A typical flier would read: “MISSING: My husband John Brown, height (so and so) hair (so and so) eyes (so and so) and a contact number. Lower Manhattan was literally blanketed with those Xerox copies - an allegedly "spontaneous effort by family members to trace their lost loved ones". The world was left silently watching, sharing the human grief. This was no time to ponder over the possible purpose of those flimsy fliers pleading for help to recover lost loved ones - much as one might do for errant cats and dogs.

Image"Everybody Tells A Story"

Naturally, those intensely emotional hours allowed no space for rational - and much less - cynical thought. To most people, at the time, these fliers covering the city walls seemed like the most natural thing in the world. But this was civilized New York City - not some barren beachfront washed away by a tsunami. What sort of results were these fliers supposed to achieve? Were they the carriers of some desperate, irrational hope? Wait - perhaps a widow's expectation was to receive a call from some sharp-eyed NYC shopkeeper...“Hello ma’am, an errant gentleman that looks like your missing husband just walked into my grocery-store in a daze. He’s covered in dust and looks hungry. Come over and pick him up!“

So what was the deal with those fliers? What sort of collective phenomena would have caused hundreds of families to reach for downtown Manhattan, on the evening of the tragedy, to plaster the city with “MISSING” fliers? If we are to have a rational discourse about this matter, we must first tackle one basic, elementary question: is this what people usually do when buildings collapse ? or even in the aftermath of earthquakes or other calamities? No. It is something you might (possibly) do when a stray kid is feared abducted, kidnapped or on the run. Even in such circumstances, families will prefer to rely on the authorities - not on fliers. Such neighborhood pamphlets are usually reserved for pets gone astray.

This issue merits serious consideration and needs to be resolved once and for all: we cannot keep on pretending that it was all part of the natural order of things. Let’s face it, the whole idea of these “MISSING” fliers is preposterous in the extreme. It was one thing to swallow the “spontaneous” nature of this bizarre, collective behavior in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. It is another to accept it as such today. So do we have any lead to follow as to finding out who might have been behind this manifestly staged operation?

Image"A New Comedy Series"

It would seem so. And - lo and behold! - it leads us straight to the website of Steven Rosenbaum - the boss of Camera Planet. It so happens that his friend and fellow 'curator' Louis Nevaer, apparently, saved 5200 of those fliers from destruction just in time before the rains set in a few days later. But before we get to know Dr. Nevaer, let me first remind you about Rosenbaum and his vast 9/11 video collection he purportedly acquired...by putting up fliers all around NYC...



As the story goes, in the aftermath of 9/11, Rosenbaum put up posters and fliers in NYC and placed an ad in The Village Voice “urgently requesting images that captured the attack, its aftermath and the mood of the city”. That effort seems to have worked out nicely. His 1,700 video clips of 9/11 constitute, he says, “the largest archive of my now dormant television production company, CameraPlanet”. His website tells us that seventy-six people contributed to these “500 hours of videos”, which are owned by Mr. Rosenbaum and his wife, Pamela Yoder. Mr. Rosenbaum happily boasts that two appraisers have valued his archive in excess of 1 million. In fact, he explains, he is working out an agreement with Bank of America, the company's primary lender. He wants to structure a deal with a donor or a buyer that would keep the collection from being sold piecemeal, repay his company's debt of more than 500,000 and make the videos available to researchers, filmmakers and the public.

But Mr. Rosenbaum hastens to point out: "It's not about money. This collection is about five years of my life. We don't have the resources to make it available to researchers and other documentarians, and we are very selective in giving approval to use our video." Too bad. Mr. Rosenbaum apparently cares about documentarians and researchers; he just doesn’t have the “resources” to lend them his videos. What a crying shame. Inexplicably, his website mentions nothing about the history of the videos themselves. Not a single author of the 1,700 clips is cited anywhere. It appears that “the Best Documented Catastrophe in History” has a little problem; no one has a clue about who documented the unique, defining piece of history which Mr. Rosenbaum keeps in his custody.

We also learn from Mr. Rosenbaum’s website that his company, BNN TV, employs over 80 people and occupies five floors of a Fifth Avenue building in Manhattan. The proud slogan of his company is “BNN TV Changes the Way Stories Are Told”. His clients include CNN, CBS News, MSNBC, HBO and Court TV. His state-of-the-art video studio was among the first to adopt the advanced “Avid Media Composer nonlinear editing system”. Here’s an extract of Mr. Rosenbaum’s biography:

“Steve Rosenbaum is passionate about telling authentic visual stories. Raised in a family of storytellers (his mother was a writer; his uncle a White House correspondent), Rosenbaum was a filmmaker and magician before he began his career as an intern in an edit room at CBS News over 20 years ago. It was in this rarefied news environment that Rosenbaum discovered an unexpected gap between visual storytellers and the tools needed to produce a broadcast news story.”


But let's return to the "MISSING" fliers stuck all over Manhattan. Rosenbaum's Camera Planet website also mentions this different and curious 9/11 collection. Its curator, Dr. Nevaer, apparently collected 5,200 of those “MISSING” fliers which covered the walls of New York City in the aftermath of the disaster. He then neatly restored them, framed them and took them on tour ? an 18-month travelling exhibition around the world. Here is Dr. Nevaer’s story, as narrated on the Camera Planet website:

“Dr.Louis Nevaer is also seeking a home for his collection. He is curator of an archive that contains 5,200 missing-persons fliers and related artifacts from the days after the attack in Lower Manhattan. An exhibition derived from it, "Missing: Last Seen at the World Trade Center," travelled for 18 months to 17 American cities, to Mexico City and Milan."These fliers were going to be discarded as litter, and if we didn't save them, then they'd be lost," Dr. Nevaer said. The flier collection has been catalogued and stored in climate-controlled warehouses in New York and Miami, "and we're negotiating with several museums," he said."We won't permit it to go to any institution that charges admission," Dr. Nevaer said. That rules out the 9/11 National Memorial & Museum planned for ground zero.”

What Dr. Nevaer fails to tell us is that his “flier-tour” was prematurely cancelled, after being repeatedly slashed by critics for its tackiness and bad taste. Dr. Nevaer is apparently an expert on Hispanic immigration in the US - and is rumored to have been a CIA informer. It would seem like an odd, sentimental hobby for such a character to arrange exhibits of “climate-controlled” xerox copies... On the website listing the venues of Dr. Nevaer’s bizarre, travelling exhibition. we may read:

The Fliers in New York For New Yorkers the fliers were a constant and powerful reminder of their lost neighbors. Although only 500-700 families could get to New York to create fliers, approximately 90,000 were hung. These fliers covered walls, lampposts, subway stops and phone booths all over the city. It was nearly impossible to go about life without encountering them.”

We can only marvel over Dr. Nevaer’s acuteness. Did he come to that “90,000” figure by estimating the city areas covered by the fliers? Did he ask each of the 700 families how many they had xeroxed? Did he stroll around Manhattan, counting them one by one? Or could he possibly have had any role in the gigantic "MISSING" fliers propaganda operation? In any case, the man who plausibly created the hypnotic 9/11 "amateur videos" and the man who plausibly directed the "MISSING" flier mass-hypnosis are no strangers to each other.


9/11 was but a foul skullduggery played out by a gang of quack magicians with friends in - very - high places. The ploy was as vile as can be: to distort reality using the full clout of the mass media. It aimed to convey the perception of loss: the loss of planes, the loss of lives, the loss of freedoms. On LIVE TV, animated imagery replaced the real-life events of the morning; a handful of frames simulating a digital airplane exploding in a digital tower sufficed to convey 'the loss of planes'. The 'loss of lives' was stage-managed in the streets for public consumption - and the stage was Manhattan itself. Behind a smokey stage curtain, a redundant building complex was bombed to oblivion - and went missing in action. People and planes went missing on fliers: missing in fiction.

ImageThe Black Boxes Treasure Hunt "Flier" :rolleyes:

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Unread post by ozzybinoswald » Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:31 am

Image Image

We've seen Luke Rambousek before of course. My earlier posting assessed how real that the images of a particular female (seen in many of Rambousek's denim brigade group photos) should be considered.

Here's a late-arriving tribute by something identifying as Mike Nunez. (Any relation to bad boy prankster turned statistical analyst and fellow vicsim, Brian Felix Nunez?)

From: Mike Nunez From P.S. 132
Date: 02/06/2007
I'll always remember you smiling face, your infectious laughter and your larger than life heart Luke. You were my friend and I miss you. I won't ever forget the grade school memories of P.S. 132, especially Mrs.Russell's 5th grade class, man how we laughed. Heaven is a much funnier place because of you Luke. I can hear the angels laughing with you when I listen hard enough. You were one of a kind Luke. I wish you were still here. I'll never forget you my friend. Thank you for the warm memories. Bwown Shuga still makes me laugh, even today, this many years later. Peace be with you and your family always.
Okay, sure. The smiles, the laughter, the angels...granted. But one of a kind? Methinks not.

The vicsim on the right of Rambousek is Kenneth F. Rice III. One or the other might have a nose or eyebrow tweaked, a hair mussing, but they obviously derive from a common model.

I noticed that Rambousek's CNN memorial page changed for a few hours, showing no photo, less data and actually spelling Rambousak as Ranbousek
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