The new TYCHOS FORUM is up and running !

Simon Shack's (Tycho Brahe-inspired) geoaxial binary system. Discuss the book and website for the most accurate configuration of our solar system ever devised - which soundly puts to rest the geometrically impossible Copernican-Keplerian model.
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The new TYCHOS FORUM is up and running !

Unread post by simonshack » Thu Jul 28, 2022 7:29 pm


The new TYCHOS FORUM is up and running !

Dear cosmically-inclined Cluesforum members & readers,

This is to announce the launch of a new little forum exclusively dedicated to the TYCHOS model.

First off, I'd like to warmly thank my new Swedish friend, IT expert and collaborator Timo for setting it up. Thanks, Timo!

The reason for having a separate forum exclusively dedicated to the TYCHOS model should be obvious to all Cluesforum members and readers: most people (interested in astronomy) are probably not so keen to register here at CF - due to its many controversial contents. This is, of course, a rather unfortunate thing - but that's just the way it is: "science-minded" and "highly-educated" folks with "academic credentials" can often be dreadfully close-minded, since they've been heavily indoctrinated ever since birth with the "established scientific knowledge" that reigns (mostly unchallenged) upon this planet today.

Hopefully though, this new TYCHOS forum will attract at least some of the more open-minded folks interested in astronomy. Let's see how it goes! :)

Needless to say, the TYCHOS model is here to stay.

P.S. : Please know that registering at is as simple as it can get: just click on "SIGN UP", fill in the form - and you'll instantly become a member of the most world-shaking discussion forum currently available on planet Earth! -_-