Hunt for Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings 18/5/2021-20/06/2021

This is the forum dedicated to all 'minor' local psyops - phony murders, kidnappings and whatnot. It has now become evident that the news media constantly feeds the public with entirely fake stories - in order to keep us in eternal fear of our next-door neighbours and fellow citizens.
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Hunt for Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings 18/5/2021-20/06/2021

Unread post by Seneca » Sun Aug 29, 2021 11:05 am

For me there is a big difference with other psyops about terrorists or shooters. One difference is that there is no photographic evidence or video footage shown of anything that allegedly happened. Everything is accepted purely on faith (in the government). What is probably real is the enormous deployment of personnel, police, military and even foreign agents. The other difference is that even if everything that is told about him is true, he doesn't fit the definition of a shooter nor a terrorist and I don't think more than a few people were afraid of him. Except perhaps for worshippers of the local mosque that was allegedly one of his targets. On the contrary, many people sympathize with him and still grieve for him. By calling it a psyop I am not claiming that the main character, Jürgen Conings (JC), does not exist (I don't know).

Official story:

On may 17 JC, a soldier and father of two stole multiple heavy weapons and ammunition from the base where he worked. Later that day he spent two hours in the vicinity of virologist Marc Van Ranst, against whom he already had made threats during the lock-down of June 2020, for which he had received disciplinary sanction. (Marc Van Ranst is probably still the most hated man in the country because of his scaremongering about the Coronavirus, his omnipresence in the media, including twitter, the power that he has to impose extreme measures and his lack of empathy and communications skills)
Already the next day his car was found at the margins of a huge forested area near his home town. On the evening of the next day shots were heard in the area. The enormous manhunt involving around 350 soldiers and policemen, including foreign agents using helicopters and search dogs managed only to find his backpack packed with food and ammunition, after 24 days of searching. On June 20, 35 days after his disappearance, his body was found independently by 2 mountain bikers. A hunter and the mayor of a nearby town (who is from the same political party as the prime minister). The body was found 1150 meters from the location where the backpack was found, while the search perimeter ended at 1000 meters. It is concluded that he committed suicide. We are informed on August 25 that his mobile phone pedometer indicates that he took only 800 steps on the day his car was found, and none thereafter, so he is presumed to have died on that day.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of errors or coincidences surrounding the case.

-a soldier who was on a list of terrorism suspects had access and was able to steal weapons and ammunition from his base

-the car was found just a few hours after JC was seen, yet the dogs where not able to track him to his location or his backpack only 2000 meter further.

-at a time JC was supposedly dead about 24 days, dogs could not smell him from a distance of 150 meters.

-the body was found on the morning of the 56th birthday of the main target Marc Van Ranst who was in a safe-house with his family (which was actually very ironic since he is responsible for so many lock-ups).

-the 2 bikers that found him independently smelled the corpse while people with dogs who walked there each morning noticed nothing

-one of them, the mayor, while confronted with these critical questions from non-journalists told that he had excellent smell and that his friends also didn't smell anything. Later in the same conversation he says that of the 6 people, 2 had smelled it. This can only be seen in a youtube video. Would a mayor really go biking with his friends near the spot where the backpack of a suspected terrorist was found ?

-the other witness, a hunter, claimed he followed the smell but didn't saw the body because of the ferns until he literally stepped on it. On photographs and video footage of the spot, the vegetation is actually quite sparse. Especially for a trained hunter guided by a strong smell a black clothed body with weapons laying around him would be impossible to miss. This part of his story seems intended to sell the narrative that the body was hard to find. Of the body (allegedly 34 days old) he says that he looked perfectly "hij zag er perfect uit".

-The federal prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw compared the search often to "searching for a grain of rice on 20 soccer fields with high grass". In one strange outburst he invites his listeners tot look for themselves how hard it is there to find a body because of the undergrowth. He seems unaware of the fact that dogs were helping the search using their sense of smell.

-the hunter is allegedly the maker of a video of JC's corpse and later sold it to a German newspaper. The video is posted on youtube the next day. The video consists of 2 shots. In the first shot the head is not filmed. The left hand is blurred, from the description of the video we can assume this is because the hand is already "discolored". The right hand is covered from view by the body. A shotgun is laying by his left side. The second part is almost entirely blurred, so we can guess it is a close-up of his head and recognize shoulders. However, in the first part the upper body appears to lay against an oak tree, in the second part the head is laying on the ground. The body is not supposed to have been moved.

-the girlfriend (Gwendy) and relatives of JC were not allowed to see his body or allow an independent autopsy, even after they hired a lawyer. Legally this is only possible if the judge doesn't see them as "nabestaanden" (literally this means survivors but it has the meaning of relatives). The cremation was ordered and scheduled by the authorities without their knowledge. (even at this moment, JC is not convicted of any crime.)

-The lawyer, Carine Knapen who was heavily attacked in the media for believing in UFO's and being a corona sceptic claimed she got the undertaker to open the casket and there was a white sack inside which on inspection seemed to contain only air.

-As I already wrote, no video evidence showed in the media of anything that has been found on the ground. We see only the deployment of the police and military. Even the exact locations of the finds were not disclosed or were the object of conflicting reports. I will give some examples by the state news agency VRT. They posted a map to show where the body was "exactly" found. It was a video made with Google maps showing just the location of the body, but the location was 600 meters off. They also reported that the body was found more than 3 km of his backpack, while officially this was 1150 meters. They also claimed or repeated that the 800 steps that were recorded by his smart-phone could account for the distance between the location of his car and his body, while the shortest distance is at least 2 km.

-a map published by different newspapers of the group Mediahuis provides much more detailed information, combining the locations of the different finds with and the different search areas. While the accompanying articles only serve to support the official narrative, the map itself contradicts some of the official claims. For example, the searched area around the backpack (nr 5) shows a huge gap. Only about 200 meters were searched in the direction where the body was later found (nr 6). Without this gap, the body would be inside the search perimeter. Since there is also a search area east of the location of the body, the argument brought up in the accompanying article that the wind made the scent unavailable to the searching dogs loses significance. The route that the mayor took on his biking trip has been overlayed but it does not fit the available roads (that can be seen in opens street maps) even if we allow room for some error. This route appears to be a work of fiction.

-The body was found about 1100 meters from a "recreation zone" inside the forest called "het Sparrendal" (not shown on the map). Up until 2 years ago, JC owned a cabin there and lived there with his dog. Walking with his dog there everyday would have given him knowledge of the surrounding area and potential hiding places. Yet this piece of information was not used to search there. The federal prosecutor said that the reason they searched there was that they learned from an online app that he had been to that area in the preceding periods. Around 80% of the search efforts were done in an area much farther from there, also far from the car that was found.

-the threat by JC was used in the media and by politicians to attack skeptics of the Corona pandemic and supporters of Flanders most popular political party Vlaams Belang of which JC was once a member. Their political opponents, especially the Parti Socialiste used the opportunity to "clean" the army of their sympathizers.

Here is some video footage

A)Alleged video of the corpse

full link:

B)Video with
1) a little memorial with flowers, possibly the house where he lived
2) a crossroad about 1300 meters from where the body is found
3) trees marked with red roses to find the location where the body is found
4) the location near an oak tree, covered with red roses
5) the entire route back to the intersection, I used this part to confirm that the location matched the one indicated on the map that I discussed
6)(8:52)the crossroads the day that the body was found, lots of journalists, onlookers. The rest of the video is taken at that location the same day
7) an angry interrogation of the mayor, until he leaves and says he is going to take a drink
8)talks with people present, including a friend, a niece and an aunt of JC. They believe that he was murdered during the first days and that his body was hidden until the right time to be found and that the mayor was part of a setup.
9)(19:10) interview with hunter who discovered and filmed the body

full link:

C)Speech by Marc Van Ranst before Chatham house, the Royal Institute of national affairs, in which he explains how to use the media to make the population believe in the graveness of an epidemic and increase the acceptance of a vaccine. He is talking about the Swine Flu.

full link:

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