Engineering 'Voting'

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Engineering 'Voting'

Unread post by sharpstuff » Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:00 pm


‘Voting’ is really a deceit par excellence.’

Peter K. Sharpen

'Voting' in common terms and thought is the notion that an individual is and in given numbers, able to 'elect' a mouthpiece (other than one’s own) to maintain any welfare that they may have towards their personal selves and their closest neighbours, (mainly their family) for the purpose of continuing their own lives without the hindrance of the personages who wish to control them for their own purposes and not yours.

The notion is, of course, that another individual or group of individuals, can help you struggle through your life because they have some ‘special knowledge’ that you do not have or cannot acquire and thus allow them to take over your life and have the ability to do such.
Usually referred to as the notion of 'democracy', the end result is painfully and obviously not what one might have dreamed of such.
The deceit requiring ‘voting’ must surely be evident that the control of your person is regulated by those for which you vote, since you can have no real knowledge of their intentions and the inability to find others who might do so and have little or nothing if they are not ‘true to their word’ in proclaiming their real intentions which may be often be ‘given in good faith’ but can be negated by others who are more voted for than others.
The notion of ‘voting’ is only valid, if the ‘voters’ are aware of all the relevant data (so far as is possible) for such a person or persons (working in harmony), which can be confirmed or validated by those ‘voters’. If any data is withheld, then the voting cannot be valid on any significant basis since those whom they may wish to take control (or are voted for to control) of their lives are inaccessible to them.

Those who wish to be voted for must declare their open curriculum vitæ so that voters can make a reasoned choice as to their suitability. The ‘reasoned choice’, of course must be one based upon an education that does not include all the other engineered and deceitful projects forced upon them.
The main problem arises that a group of people (no matter how small or large) may need some form of management but they do not need ‘government’. Management relies upon rules to continue, not laws. Government requires laws to subjugate others with a threat of some kind of violence if not adhered to and rules do not apply.

Further, the notion of voting and the greatest number (i.e. fake ‘democracy’) of ‘aye’ for a particular person or idea that concedes the victory of a personage has to be a no-no if the margin between ‘aye’ and ‘nay’ is small enough to be insignificant, especially when we might count in millions of persons.
This is a quandary difficult to reconcile, of course…

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Re: Engineering 'Voting'

Unread post by fbenario » Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:24 pm

The very act of running for office can be construed as an attempt to coerce others, a violation of their fundamental right to self-ownership and freedom from violence. In that light, even the 'best' politicians are thugs.

Or so someone said.

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Re: Engineering 'Voting'

Unread post by Flabbergasted » Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:27 am

This is a very interesting topic. As soon as I get a break from work, I will share some thoughts on it.

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