The notion of 'thousands of victims' was crucial to generate universal public outrage. However, having 3000 angry families breathing down their necks was never part of the perps' demented plan. Our ongoing analyses and investigations suggest that NO one died on 9/11.
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If you haven't done so already...
Please do take the time to read Hoi Polloi's ...


The 80-page Vicsim Report was put together by Hoi Polloi (assisted by yours truly) during Hoi's six-month-long stay in my home back in 2009. It represents the seminal groundwork for what has developed over the years into an extensive collective investigation - enriched and refined by the fine efforts of all our dedicated forum members. Throughout these last three years of unrelenting 'vicsim' research, we have collected a vast body of converging findings which, taken together, strongly suggest that our tentative, initial postulation - i.e. that no one perished on 9/11 - was correct. To this day, we have not encountered any substantial, compelling or - much less - official refutation of our working thesis - nor have we ever been formally confronted by any verifiably legit family member of the alleged "3000" 9/11 victims.

The VICSIM REPORT (uploaded on Scribd - it will open faster than the original pdf file) ... sim-Report

ORIGINAL PDF FILE: ... Report.pdf

OUR MAIN FORUM THREADS containing the bulk of our collective Vicsim research:
9/11 Memorial Scams: (from Oct18, 2009 > to Feb16, 2011)
9/11 Memorial Scams, Vicsims, Etc : (from June 29, 2010 > to this day)

To anyone wondering what possible rationale may lie behind the faking / digital creation of the 9/11 victims, I suggest you to read this relevant page on my website, titled : "Deconstructing 9/11".